Applying to Grad School Essay writing for SLP - not enough experience

Discussion in 'Speech Pathology [ Ph.D. ]' started by anilynn, Dec 16, 2016.

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  1. anilynn


    Dec 16, 2016
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    Pre-Speech Language Pathology
    Hey everyone

    So, I'm currently an undergraduate in a Communicative Disorders and Sciences program applying for grad school. I have a problem and that is that I don't have a lot of experience outside of school that are SLP-related. I originally was going towards a degree in Accounting, but certain things happened with my family and an illness, and I decided to drop out of business school but realized that I really wanted to be an SLP instead. So here I am, about to finish undergrad and wanting to get into grad school, but I don't have anything really to show on my resume or an experience I can really talk about in my essay.

    Consequently, I've decided that perhaps I should write about the fact that I haven't had much experience because of certain things that happened during business school, to perhaps show to the undergraduate admissions of wherever I'm deciding to go why I haven't had as many experiences as my peers.

    Do any of you think this is a good idea? Or does anyone happen to have any other suggestions? ):
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