grade forgiveness

  1. A

    Grade forgiveness effects?

    Hi I didn't take highschool chem and wound up with a D in Chem 1. I'm doing grade forgiveness, which will save my gpa from being affected. However, Im pretty sure the D will stay on my transcripts. How do vet schools factor this in? Do they calculate what my gpa would be with the D in there?
  2. T

    Advice on Grade Forgiveness for Medical Emergency

    I'll try to make this post as brief as possible. In 2014 I was taking a prereq class, and in the middle of it I had a very bad accident that resulted in TBI/spinal injury/various other things. Because of this, my family had to move me home and I was far too disabled to arrange to have an...
  3. Dr.CinnamonRoll

    Will adcom care about the bad grade explanation? Should I give up? Do I even have a chance?

    I'm a junior at michigan state Uni, (grades are calculated by 4(A), 3.5(AB), 3(B), 2.5(BC), etc). Basically, after my terrible freshman year (that I got a 2.8), I've been on an upward trend towards the 3.31c GPA that I have now (I know, still bad but I was hoping I could raise it to a 3.4~ish...
  4. E

    Need opinions

    Hey guys, so I would really appreciate some advice. I'm a sophomore (Chem major, pre-med). My school uses a plus/minus grading system; in order to pass a class you have to get at least a C (you fail with a C-). We can replace our grade if we fail a class and the new grade will be factored into...
  5. LaCubaniche

    CC does not allow course retakes if grade received was C or better...Help.

    Hi everyone, I have a few courses that I received a C in and would like to retake them. The CCs in Florida do not allow retakes (and I am not sure if Florida Universities are the same, still waiting on a response). How are other Floridians retaking courses of C or better?
  6. S

    Will 2 Cs tank my chances of getting into engineering schools?

    I'm a high school senior and I got 2 Cs last year. 1 was first semester in AP stats and the other was in first semester of honors anatomy and physiology. I really screwed up first semester and these classes were quite hard for me. But I those were my only Cs ever. I got A+ second semester both...
  7. LaCubaniche

    How does Grade replacement work?

    When I retake courses (Bio 1 & 2, Anatomy, Physio) at a community college, are these courses added onto to my old transcript (graduated in August, 2015) or do they start a new GPA? If it is the latter, how exactly do you factor in this new GPA when applying on AACOMAS? Also, when I took...
  8. LaCubaniche

    Looking for advice on Gap-year jobs and information on DO schools

    Hi everyone! I recently just graduated from the University of Florida and I feel like I am riding the craziest roller coaster of life. I graduated in August so since then I have been focused on studying for the MCAT (January, thinking of pushing back for reasons you'll read about later) because...
  9. G

    Grade Elimination

    Hi everyone! I have never posted here but I was wondering if anyone had ever gone through the 6yr grade elimination offered by Missouri and Illinois, or if any other schools offered it. I'm a non-traditional student, currently 26 and will probably be 27 or 28 by the time I apply. I went to CC...
  10. D

    Do Pharmacy Schools honor grade forgiveness?

    So I'm extremely new to SDN (this is my first post) so be merciful pls :) I just wanted to know if Pharmacy schools take into account your new GPA if you have retaken a class or two. Doing so has really helped my GPA so I was wondering if Pharmacy schools would consider it. Also, do any other...