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  1. W

    How much would a sudden drop in grades affect admissions chances?

    Hi all, As the title says, I'm wondering how vet schools may judge a sudden drop in grades. For more context, and why I'm so worried, I graduated undergrad in biochemistry with a 3.9. Currently, however, I'm taking a prereq that I didn't have the foresight to complete during undergrad and...
  2. himikie

    Low uGPA... Post Bacc program? GPA enhancer? Please help me!

    I graduated with a low gpa of 2.95 (BS in engineering) at a 4 year private university last year. I did poorly in all of my science classes with mostly Cs and a few Bs (no excuses for my bad grade. I don’t think I was ready for the rigor of a college level course in my first 2 years of college...
  3. C

    Transfer Credits?

    So I go to an ivy league but summer courses are all too expensive for me. I intend on taking college courses at Rutgers which would be much more bearable. Since I can list all college courses for AMCAS, would it be fine if I take biochemistry at Rutgers without transferring it over to my ivy...
  4. jcmed

    Questions About Retaking an Online Class

    I did a self-directed post-bacc last year to take medical prerequisites + some higher level pre-health courses that I didn't take while in college. During my post-bacc I took my first semester of Intro Physics lecture in a classroom, but took the second semester online over the summer. Both...
  5. D

    Individual grades/ A minuses and overall GPA

    I'm a junior and my science GPA is about 3.79. Non science is about 3.9. I am VERY concerned about the number of A minuses I have. I have about five of them on my transcript. Also this semester I'm taking three science classes and two labs and I feel like I'm also gonna get an A minus in every...
  6. S

    Bad Senior High School Grade

    Im still in grade 11 and i realized i really do want to be a doctor. I wanted to be a doctor since before but i had a C- or a good passing grade in my science during 9th grade and 10th grade. However, in the start of my 11th grade, i realized i really do want to be a doctor but i only had C+ in...
  7. P

    Grades and programs

    Hello all! So this is a very intimidating time in my life. I graduate from Undergrad in December and right now I have a 3.38, so I expect that by the time I graduate I will have somewhere along the mid 3.4's. My Psych GPA is ~3.6, and my minor (Business) is ~3.5. Freshman year I started off...
  8. Doc2019


    I was just curious if Medical school really looks at Science Lab classes? I mean obviously they look at it but do they look at it at a high level. What I mean is whenever people talk on this forum everyone just talks about how they performed Intro Bio, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and...