1. S

    Improving Clinical Eval Results and "Fairness"

    Improving Clinical Eval Results and "Fairness" I've been doing some thinking and reading of the forum, and have decided there must be a better attitude for approaching clinicals than I and many of many fellow students have. I've observed the students who are doing well and those who are not...
  2. Z

    Explaining a Lower Set of Grades

    This is weird, but I apply to medical school in about a year. I started medication for depression and anxiety one week before I started college. I was a 4.0 student in high school, but my medication has put me in kind of haze, and now I'm pretty average at a 3.45. I have ADD as well, but...
  3. wut?

    Why is this considered a bad grade

    Why are B-'s so bad? Why are they so frowned upon when technically its a 80-82?
  4. D

    How is step 1 actually graded/curved?

    I have heard multiple things about how the Step 1 three number score is calculated. I am curious as to how they actually make the curve. Is each test considered a data point in total or are you compared against other students who had the same questions as you only? Everyone gets a different test...
  5. stebgbby

    Am I transferring for the right reasons?

    I sent some applications to transfer schools. I'm a freshman in undergrad at a school that is paying me to attend. I am very honored to be at this private school on full scholarship, however I have a lot of problems with their science department. I came here because it was free but I'm...
  6. Itsnotludwigs

    Columbia vs. Penn Dental -- Compare/Contrast

    Hi all, Wanted to get everyone's opinion on Penn Dental vs. Columbia Dental. I am under the impression of, or have been told, the following features of the two programs: 1) Given Columbia's medical school curriculum, Columbia will better prepare you for the OMFS boards exam and is...
  7. N

    GPA Calculations for Transfer Student

    Hi guys!!! I wanted to know how medical schools calculate the GPA of transfer students who attended schools with two different grading scales. My first school had the A/B scale and my current one has the A/A- scale. What's really confusing me is how I go by calculating my overall GPA from both...
  8. Caffeine Matters

    Preclinical grades +/- system. Do they matter?

    Thank you
  9. shklorg

    Professor won't give me an A+...

  10. R

    How much of your grade is your COMAT?

    Fellow DO students, The administration at our school recently made some changes to how third and fourth year would be graded. Previously, COMAT scores made up 10% of your grade for a rotation, with the other 90% coming from your preceptor evaluation. Now, these are split 50%/50% and the world...
  11. gucci

    Which Schools are P/F?

    Hi, I was wondering which schools are P/F, which are H/P/F, and which are grades. I know there have been lists before but I am aware this is something that is changing in schools and therefore some of the older threads are not entirely accurate. Is there anywhere to find this information out...
  12. N

    Which schools are NOT pass/fail?

    I know there's a thread for schools that are pass/fail, but what are the ones that are not (so I can try to avoid them lol) I'll start: University of Iowa (Honors, Near Honors, Pass, Fail) NYMC (Honors, High Pass, Pass, Fail)