1. M

    MBA Value to Private Practice Groups

    Hi, I was wondering how much value having a MBA degree would add when applying to private practice groups after fellowship. While I'm guessing it is more wishful than realistic to think that an MBA will reduce the time before one becoming a partner (which is roughly 2-5 years depending on the...
  2. HighlanderMD

    MD UC Riverside | School of Medicine, Class of 2023 - Facebook Group

    Hello All, This post is for those accepted to the MD class of 2023 at the UC Riverside School of Medicine. The medical students have a facebook page that can be found at: Log into Facebook | Facebook Please join the group if you are certain you will be a part of this medical school class, and...
  3. D

    Group study?

    I'm starting classes (MS1) tomorrow and had tentative thoughts to start a study group to meet on Sundays and review the precious week through practice questions and Feynman method-esque teaching. How many students in a study group do you think is optimal? What is the maximum limit before...
  4. K

    MCAT Study Group in Baltimore

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for study partner for the MCAT. I'll be taking it at the end of August'17. Contact me if you are in Baltimore or Baltimore area or DC.
  5. A

    Program-Specific Info / Q's MOT University of Saint Augustine Interview

    Hey everyone! I have an interview for the MOT program at USA at the Florida campus coming up and I was wondering If anyone could give me any insight on what to expect. Any previous questions asked would be amazing! Also I was wondering if there is an essay? Thanks!!
  6. M

    Group Interview Prep Services

    Does anyone have any suggestions for group interview prep services that I could use for my upcoming interview? I know that there are many prep services for a regular interview but what about group? I would not be opposed to using a normal interview prep service either. Anything would be helpful...
  7. W

    Waitlist Support Group

    Currently waitlisted at 3 schools: NOVA, MUCOM and LECOM. Hoping for some movement after the May 15th deadline... or else it's another cycle for me. Anyone else in the same boat?
  8. M

    NYC Study Group in NYC

    Hey, I am planning to take my MCAT around early September 2016, and I am looking for a dedicated group of individuals who are willing to meet up in Manhattan or the Long Island City area to study. We could created a schedule with specific goals/ chapters we want to complete and meet up every...
  9. pandadawn

    USD Sanford School of medicine -POTENTIAL CLASS OS 2020

    Hello everyone who applied to USD Sanford School of Medicine!! I will be attending this fall, and I wanted to reach out to others who know they are going (or still waiting to hear!). The big end-of-application-season meeting has just happened! :eek::nailbiting::heckyeah: So hopefully there...
  10. S

    Lab members keep messing up. What to do?

    Im in achem and while the previous experiments have been individual labs, we are now doing group labs. The 2 other members are nice, but they keep on screwing up and causing us to start over or not finish in time. The first lab, one guy added in a wrong reagent (which he admits) in the middle of...
  11. S

    MCAT Tutoring

    Which MCAT tutoring company did you all find most useful/helpful and most worthy of your money? Did you find that group tutoring was more helpful than one-on-one? Any side books or flashcards that you ordered that you found helpful aside from tutoring? Thank you!
  12. Judson

    MCAT Study Group - Washington D.C./NOVA/MD area

    I am scheduled to take the April 1st MCAT and am looking to start a weekend MCAT Study Group. Currently, I plan to study Fridays and Saturdays from 8am-1pm. I will be studying on evenings and Sundays closer to April 1st. I live in Leesburg, VA and can host groups of up to 8 or so at my...
  13. DrHalsey

    In search of study partners in Florida Space Coast area

    I am planning on taking the MCAT lat spring/early summer 2016 and I am looking for study partners. I am in the central region of the Space Coast, just south of the cape. I don't mind travelling a few miles.
  14. T

    Study group (Montreal)

    If anyone taking the MCAT in January interested in meeting once or twice / week to study around McGill, let me know.