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    MPH MPH in Health Policy

    Hello all, I’m an international student majored in Health Administration , and I want to pursue a graduate degree in Health Policy program in the USA. I have looked through many different Public Health schools, but l’m wondering which one is the best for Health Policy. If you have any idea ...
  2. S

    Oxford Master's before Medical School

    So I recently received some good news about having been accept to Oxford for a master's in social policy, but the only thing holding me back is the cost, which I estimate to be around $40k in loans when I already have loans from undergrad. Some background about me is that I currently attend an...
  3. slee

    DECISIONS!!! Health Policy: MPH or MPP?

    Thanks for visiting this page! I'm a '17 grad from Emory stuck between University of Chicago's Master of Public Policy (MPP) and Johns Hopkins' Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) in Health Policy. --- My long-term goal is to work with policymakers in the government to create more...
  4. L

    Do you stop practicing medicine when you start pursuing public health research with an MD/MPH?

    I'm currently interested in an MD/MPH, but I wasn't sure what a future career with this dual degree looked like. If I'm interested in later helping form health policies or doing public health research for the underserved community, am I able to do this while still being a practicing physician?
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    Embarrassing question

    I'm a pre-pharmacy student and I get cold sores 1-2 a year. Are there any health policies that would restrict where I work in the future? Also, if I were working in retail, would I be allowed to work if I had a blister? It's very embarrassing to even ask this question, but it would be worse if I...