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    AMA: MD/MBA who founded/ran a successful VC-funded business. ?about medicine and business

    Hey wanted to put this out here in case anyone was interested. Since I could remember I always loved the humanitarianism of medicine, and the strategizing of business. Also growing up, all the doctors I knew keep saying that things were changing for the worse. I thought "I don't want to get...
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    Johns Hopkins MHA vs. Georgetown MHSA vs. UNC MHA

    Hey everyone. I just wanted to make a post about anyone's experiences at any of these 3 programs. I've gotten into Johns Hopkins and Georgetown and I'm still waiting on UNC. A lot of the MHA posts on this site are a bit older and dated, so I was just hoping for anyone's more recent experiences...
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    Career Dillemma?! Job or internship?!

    So I am a senior in college, hoping to go to grad school for my MHA degree once i graduate. I recently got a job offer from a hospice, for a volunteer coordinator position. However, I could also intern/volunteer (unpaid) at a large hospital system, instead of taking up the hospice job. I don't...
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    MHA Need advice on Masters in healthcare administration (MHA) Programs in Texas?

    So i am an undergrad studying in the University of Texas at Dallas. I am a senior and I am about to finish college and graduate december 2016. I've looked at at all the possible universities to apply to, in Texas for doing my MHA. I am going to write my GMAT this summer. Problem is, I do not...
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    Healthcare management, leadership, QI tracks in IM residencies?

    Hi all, Anyone familiar with IM residency programs with administration related tracks? For instance, I know Duke has the "Management and Leadership Pathway." Any other analogous tracks? Or alternatively, programs which have strong/ reputable cost/quality improvement centers that residents can...