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  1. MEtoMD


    Edit: Please if you can provide feedback on my pros/cons or any other pros/cons you may know about either of these schools. Also a brief explanation for why you voted one or other would be amazing! Thanks for the help! Background: I went to UCF for undergrad. Fairly torn and I believe I'd be...
  2. O

    UNC SOM vs. ECU Brody SOM

    A resident of NC and got accepted to both UNC SOM and ECU Brody SOM. Could use some help on deciding which to pick. I have listed my mental checklist of pros and cons for each: ECU: Positives 1) Financials: I got nominated for Brody Scholar so if I get it, I would get a tuition full ride there...
  3. wizarddoc2213

    Temple (St. Luke's) vs. USF Morsani (SELECT)

    Hi Everyone! Does anyone care to share any insight on these two programs, which one may have an advantage over the other, and/or personal experiences? I'm a PA resident, so Temple (St.Luke's program will be slightly cheaper, especially with the St. Luke's 10k scholarship). For Temple's program...