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Mar 15, 2024
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Hello, I currently got accepted by UDM and Touro (2+2 program and NM for clinical) and really hesitated to make a decision here. I am an international student on F-1 visa, so both programs cost same amounts. I am not considering any specialty for now, so I value most about the quality of clinical education, like how prepared I am after the four-year edu.

School 1 (TCDM NY>NM):
1) fairly new facilities and instruments;​
2) really friendly staff based on my interview impressions;​
3) great focus on digital dentistry;​
4) heard that students get to take their boarding exam early when memory is all fresh.​
1) a pain to relocate from NY to NM by the end of D2 year;​
2) NM is a really new program, so I am not sure if there will be enough cases or faculties for the D3/4 students;​
3) the admin requires international students to deposit all four-year tuition by this June;​
4) expanded class size makes me concerned on how they are gonna fit ~200 people into the campus in the first two years;​
5) heard of the drug crisis in Albuquerque, NM. Though it may be safer than Detroit?​
School 2 (UDM):
1) more experienced staff;​
2) also great focus on digital dentistry;​
1) the location is my biggest concern. Ive never been to Detroit, but I heard about the high crime rate, etc. Also, Im so used to the sunshine in Southern CA and Taiwan, so I dont know how I may bear with the rain and snow in Detroit ://​
2) the comments on UDM I heard are sorta extreme. There are students highly recommending and highly discouraging.​
Thank you for reading through. Any comments and advice will be greatly appreciated!!​

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