1. D

    PhD in Immunology before Residency

    Hello Everyone! I hope you're well. I am a final year US-Img who is considering doing a PhD. I haven't given my Steps yet. A PhD Immunology (not in America but in top 150 university globally) is what I'm thinking. I plan to pursue a career in heme/onc. Since immunotherapy is the future, can this...
  2. I

    Heme Onc fellowship swap

    Hello everyone. I’m here looking for a swap. I have matched into a Heme/Onc position at a reputable institute in Pennsylvania that I would have been happy to go to when I submitted the ROL. Since the submission my SO got an excellent career opportunity in Texas and I am suffering from some...
  3. aneurysmal

    Hematology/Oncology 2022-2023 Fellowship Application Cycle

    Hey guys, So I am excited to participate in/start an official thread for the upcoming 2022-2023 heme/onc fellowship match cycle. Feels just like when we applied for our residencies, back to working on our CVs, PSs and obtaining LoRs. Looks like some programs still want to do zoom interviews...
  4. N

    Georgetown Business of Medicine Course

    Hello SDN! I am a recent graduate of the hematology/oncology fellowship at Georgetown University Hospital and I wanted to spread the word about a course we have developed called the Georgetown Business of Medicine Course. It is a virtual course consisting of 12 modules on different topics like...
  5. insaiyan-premed

    Specialties of interest

    Could the experts elaborate on how difficult would it be to get into a Cards fellowship, Heme/Onc Fellowship, and a Radiology Residency as a DO student after this new Step 1 being P/F. I'm most likely going to end up in a DO school, and these specialties so far interest me the most. Thank you.
  6. R

    Medical Oncology (without hematology)

    Completing a palliative care fellowship and matched to heme/onc fellowship that starts in July. I would be very happy to find a job (open to private practice or academic) as a medical oncologist or even split position palliative and medical oncology. That being said, I am considering medical...
  7. D

    Low pass in step 3, impact on getting heme/onc fellowship?

  8. S

    IM rank assist, interested in Heme/onc

    Hi, I am a US-IMG, MS4, interested in Heme/onc. I am mostly interested in/suitable for clinically oriented heme/onc fellowship. I realize none of them are strong for heme/onc, but I thought I'd still give it a try. What should be my rank list? All the academic > community? Texas Tech - El Paso...
  9. M

    Other PGY2 Oncology pharmacy and BCPS/BCOP

    Hi there, This post seeks the recommendation of residents doing PGY2 programs in oncology or oncology pharmacists who went through this process. I am wrapping up my PGY1 residency and decided to apply for a PGY2 in oncology for the upcoming 2019-2020 year. How many positions do you recommend I...
  10. A

    Current Hem/Onc salaries?

    Is it true that compensation in Hem/Onc is declining? Do you see the compensation for Hem/Onc physicians going down in the future? As an IM resident planning on going into Hem/Onc, just wondering if the pay would be competitive. I see lots of figures thrown around in websites, but I am not sure...
  11. F

    The most interesting question I have ever been asked

    I heard someone ask a prospective IM resident the following question to assess their candidacy. It involves considering the following hypothetical scenario: Imagine you have the ability to run any experiment of your choosing on any group of people you want, and can get the results of such a...
  12. PatNanym

    Research for Heme/Onc fellowship

    Hi. I'm an IMG and a PGY-1 in a university-affiliated community-based IM residency program. I am interested in Heme/Onc fellowship. My program does not have an in-house Heme/Onc fellowship. How should I go about equipping myself to be a competitive fellowship applicant? I don't have much...
  13. Kakarrott

    What makes heme/onc so... ?respected?

    What Iam trying to ask, whenever I see some threads about respected/intelectualy most difficult/broadest medical speacialities, everywhere I see heme/onc, what is so particulary great about this combination that makes it so, I dont think respected is the right word but lets go with that. I hope...
  14. Bigwill6709

    Combined Fellowship Heme/Onc

    Hey everyone, M3 here interested in applying for Med/Peds. I'm just trying to do well on my rotations now and do everything I can to get me into a good Med/Peds program, but I have one eye of the future. My plan for some time has been to do Med/Peds followed by a peds heme/onc fellowship. I...
  15. LymFo_maniak

    Official 2016-2017 Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Application Cycle

    Hi Future Hematologists, Oncologists and Trans-planters !!! Here we begin this year's ordeal !!! Good luck to everyone.