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  1. A


    Hi guys, I'm Ale. I'm an italian student who would like to be a doctor in the future. So I will tell you what is going on. Today I was talking to a friend of my parents, who is a doctor too, and he told me that if I really want to become a doctor, it's better for me to go study abroad. Now, i...
  2. X

    How do you memorize/learn a page of information in medical school?

    Hello everyone. My question may need some clarification. I frequently find myself just forgetting information, being stuck on a page forever, sometimes passively reading, sometimes constantly quizzing myself and being stuck. I am in third year and this is killing my time. My ultimate question...
  3. W

    For people who took the DAT

    I'm getting kinda worried about not having a calculator provided to us during the exam, or at least that's what i heard. They say they only provide a basic calculator for only the "quantitative reasonining" section. How do they expect us to answer questions from general chemistry that require...
  4. disflore

    How to Retake classes to improve GPA for PA school?

    I'm a recent graduate from a UC in Human Biology, prior to that I was a transfer student from a CC. I'm planning on applying to PA school in the future. My degree included all the prereqs I needed for PA school so I don't need to take new classes, however I would like to improve my undergrad &...
  5. L

    How to set up NPI, CURES accounts?

    Anyone know how to set up NPI and CURES accounts? I tried but it seems I need my license# and still waiting for BOP for it (BOP said w/n 10 business days right?). How long after passing CPJE and Naplex, does it really take bop to update their website? Also when trying to fill out NPI, the site...
  6. dentistfrommoscow

    Secret Way to know NBDE-1 results

    Hi everyone! I passed my NBDE-1 w the 1st attempt. I spent not less than a year to prepare for it. I just figured out the secret way how to know if you PASSed or FAILed your NBDE I in just 10 days after results! Thank you for one of my friends for sharing it. Tip: this method doesn't work for...
  7. F

    How do I become a surgeon?(personalized) help)

    Am still in high school. Freshman year first semmester I got F's and D's 2nd semmester my gpa was 3.3. Currently am a sophmore I have D's & F's. I was thinking about taking the California High School Profficiancy Exam in March and not continue w/ highschool make up the A-G requirements at a...