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  1. WorkOholic45

    HPSP question and applying to multiple branches

    I've been in contact with recruiters about the HPSP scholarship and was wondering if I can apply to more than one branch (or all three) at the same time? I've heard that you can apply to all three, and if you're accepted to more than one then you can choose which branch you'd like to enter. I...
  2. todentornottodent

    General HPSP Questions

    So, I know that there are probably other threads out there where I could find the answers I'm looking for if I did some digging, but I'm looking for recent answers to just a couple questions so I'mma go ahead a create a new thread, (1) When should I apply to HPSP (or I guess reach out to a...
  3. I

    Military HPSP Dentist Pay After Graduating from Dental School

    Hello Everyone I wanted to ask how much do General Dentists make in the military after graduating from Dental School like their first year. 1. We get base pay as captain of approximately $4,500. 2. We get paid Basic Housing Allowance and Basic Allowance for Subsistence My question is do we...
  4. Kelly Re

    Navy HPSP

    Is anyone on here applying for the Navy HPSP Clinical Psych program? I am submitting my packet soon and wanted to see who all was also applying!
  5. N

    How to be a physician-pilot and get enough hours of experience in both (HPSP? Civilian?)

    Hello, I also am really keen on being a physician-pilot because I love aviation and medicine but have no idea how to do so. I am set on becoming a doctor first so I was thinking about joining the Navy on HPSP (I went through MEPS with them already but haven't signed anything) and then becoming...
  6. yegtdsa24

    Spouse separation during Dental Navy HPSP?

    Hello, I'm a pre-dental applicant interested in the Navy dental HPSP program. I'm currently engaged and plan to wed my fiancé during dental school. Under what circumstances (and durations) would I be separated from my spouse during the 4 year payback period?
  7. N

    HPSP Physical Requirements?

    Hey everyone! I was looking into the HPSP, for dental school and I was wondering if the actual height/weight requirements for the army/navy/air force also applied to recipients of the HPSP. Let's just say that I'm a fair amount higher than the maximum weight limit for my height... I was...
  8. S

    Navy 3 year HPSP with backpay and signing bonus

    Hello, I have a question about the Navy 3 year HPSP. I am a D1 and I applied for the 4 year HPSP and did not get it, but I am still in the applicant pool for the three year scholarship. After talking with my recruiter, he said that the three year can essentially be the same as the 4 year...
  9. C

    HPSP Scholarship Advice Update

    Hey everyone. I was hoping I might be able to get some advice on whether or not I should update the schools I applied to that I recently received the Navy HPSP scholarship. My additional question what should I include in the letter.
  10. B

    Cross commissioning/switching scholarships

    Hello all, I am currently a dental student on the Air Force HPSP Scholarship. I am about to start my 3rd year of dental school and I am looking to cross over into the Navy HPSP program, as my spouse is active duty Navy, and co-location will be difficult AF-Navy. I have heard that it can be...