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    FlexMed - Interview process?

    Hi, I applied to FlexMed this cycle and I was just curious what the interview process is like? Specifically, with rolling interview invites, does anyone know how they decide which interview invites to send first/if the order you receive an invite (i.e. an early invite or a later invite)...
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    Icahn School of Medicine: Military partnership

    Has anyone past or present, that is/was active duty , apply to this program? If so what was your experience? Would you recommend it to others? If you haven’t heard about it, it looks promising, also seems “too good, to be true,” for anyone interested...
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    (NERA) MedPrep Scholars Program 2018-2019 Application Cycle

    Hello, As you may be aware, the application for the Northeast Regional Alliance (NERA) MedPrep Scholars Program will become available this fall (2018) for the 2019-2021 summer cohort. The NERA MedPrep Scholars Program is a partnership between: Rutgers New Jersey Medical School (NJMS) Icahn...
  5. LindaAccepted

    Medical Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Secondary Application Essay Tips

    “At the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, we are dramatically advancing the art and science of medical care through an atmosphere of intense collaborative learning, social concern, and scholarly inquiry.” Icahn is known for its progressive stance towards education. They have an early...
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    FlexMed 2019

    Just thought I'd start a thread for the 2019 application cycle. As a reference, here are the links to the last few years of FlexMed forums 2014: FlexMed 2014 2015: FlexMed 2015 2016: FlexMed 2016 2017: FlexMed 2017 2018: FlexMed 2018
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    Please Help! Will postbacc vs SMP help me or not

    Just made this account after bouncing between different ideas/advice from other posts. I'm a rising senior undergrad and have pretty much decided on a gap year. I was introduced to the idea of a postbacc program a couple of months ago and started researching my options. I was mainly looking for...
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    NYC Biostatistics Programs

    Hello all, I am planning on applying to MS (not MPH) in Biostatistics programs for next fall and am trying to land myself in NYC. Does anyone have any opinions on the quality of the various programs in the city? Which are worth the application? As of now I am aware of programs at Columbia...
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    UMich vs. CUSOM vs. Mount Sinai

    I am in the fortunate situation that I am deciding between University of Colorado, University of Michigan, and Mount Sinai for medical school next year. Currently, I am leaning toward Mount Sinai, but I feel really torn by the other schools. I am from the Northeast, and am finishing up my...
  10. bootsandspooky

    BU vs. Mount Sinai vs. UC Irvine

    Hi everyone! It's going to be awhile before waitlists start moving and I am doubtful that any of those will work out for me, but fortunately I do like the options I have right now. I would really like to hear others' experiences with the below schools, perceived differences between them, and any...
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    Renting Looking for Mt Sinai Summer Housing

    Hello! I am a university student and will be in Manhattan this summer (early june - early aug) to intern at Mount Sinai. I'd like to share a room/house/apt with other students, but I'm willing to have my own place or share with non-students. My budget is about $4000 max for the whole time. I...
  12. LindaAccepted

    Medical Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinai 2016-17 Secondary Application Essay Tips

    According to U.S. News and World Report, Icahn SOM is ranked in the top 20 medical schools in the U.S. for research. In 2009, the school received the Spencer Foreman Award for Outstanding Community Service because it places special emphasis on recruiting students from diverse backgrounds who...
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    MD Flexmed 2016

    I just learned about Flexmed, and I was just curious what you guys think of my chances Academic stats: HS GPA: 3.9 ACT: 35 Undergrad: Top Public University Undergrad GPA: 3.97 cGPA, 4.0 sGPA Major: Biomedical Engineering Extracurriculars: -Student Government elected Treasurer for Engineering...
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    FlexMed 2017

    Hi all, just wanted to start a discussion thread for this year's app cycle for Mt. Sinai's FlexMed program (http://icahn.mssm.edu/education/medical/admissions/flexmed) since I haven't seen anything from this year other than 'chance me' type posts! I was also wondering if anyone knows when the...