1. dentalbenchprep

    SF/Silicon Valley - Dental Bench Prep Course for International Dental Applicants! - www.dentalbenchprep.com

    Don't wait! Dental bench Prep is offering an Advanced Dental Bench Test preparation course for international dentists preparing to apply to US dental schools. We are accepting reservations for a limited number of seats left for the course starting in Silicon Valley/Bay Area, California from...
  2. Moogla

    ** Tufts 2020 **

    The interview cycle is coming up soon! Please share if you know anything about the Tufts interview process.
  3. Speck_90


    Hey everybody! Is anyone here in these programs and could help me out with some information about the application process? Thank you guys in advance and wish y'all a pleasent day
  4. P

    Improving application for next cycle

    Hey guys i'm a foreign trained dentist who graduated in 2017. I came to the US right after and applied to the 2018 cycle in which I got 2 interviews but no acceptance. I started off volunteering at a dental office for a month and then started working as a DA and have been working as one ever...
  5. J

    Howard University International dentist Program 2018-2019 Cycle

    Hello Guys! I am foreigned trained dentist from Brazil. I am starting this thread for the applicants to Howard University College of Dentistry 2018-2019 (the new cycle). How many people here have already completed application?
  6. alice.tm

    EU dentist -where can I practice outside the EU?

    Hi. I'm a 4th year dentistry student (in Europe). Can somebody tell me where can you practice dentistry outside the Europe ,after graduation -I'm interested about United States. -I ve read online that the only way to practice dentistry in US is to complete an international dental program there...
  7. V

    Advanced Standing Dental Program (International) - Interview / Bench Tests - 2019-2021

    Hi All, I have submitted for few universities / colleges Advanced Standing Dental Program(s) or International Dental Program(s) during May 2018 and June 2018. I would like to know what are the tentative dates for Interview or Bench Tests. Appreciate any information around next steps like...
  8. K

    Help please... IDP

    Hi guys. Word of advice please. Could someone tell what are my chances of acceptance into IDP DDS. And also how can I improve. BDS GPA 2.5 avg GPA 3.16 MPH GPA 3.57 About 2 yrs work experience in India 10 volunteer dental camps in India Dental assistant since September 24 CE points Will be...
  9. T


    Hi, I am an international dentist and do not know the advantages of one California school on the other. have been accepted to UCSF and USC International Dentist program of 2 years. I want to practice as a general practitioner after my DDS, in the bay area. I want a program that is more clinical...
  10. B

    ( VERY URGENT PLEASE ) Info about Nova IDP DMD

    Hello dear friends ! I recently applied to NSU IDP DMD program, please if any one has idea about the following share your inputs 1- the process of invitations and bench test (what exactly they ask in the bench test) and what to do regarding the case presentation ? what to read from ? 2- what...
  11. A

    Tufts Advanced standing 2017-2018 admission cycle

    Hi! This thread is for Tufts Advanced standing program 2017-2018 admission cycle. Please everyone who is applying or applied for the 2018 cycle should please post their comments, queries and status updates under this thread. Thank you and good luck!
  12. S

    UCSF IDP 2017

    Hi guys, there are threads of other schools for 2017, but No thread for UCSF IDP 2017 yet. Let's share our updates and experience for UCSF here. Good luck everyone.