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    ID job markets and compensation

    With the pandemic and the drop in ID compensation, what is the typical salary in academic center vs private practice for ID physician for pure ID position (not doing primary care)? Is the job market pretty saturated in big city? Are most ID physicians practicing both primary care and ID at the...
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  3. Anna Biotic

    Official 2019-2020 Infectious Diseases Fellowship Application Cycle

    Post here for everything 2019-2020 Infectious Diseases Fellowship Application related
  4. Q

    Coag. Negative Staph growing in blood

    Coag negative staph is growing in 2 of 2 samples of blood cultures however the patient has no medical devices. Would you consider this a contamination or would you treat as a bacteremia?
  5. M

    ID Fellowships for non-IM?

    I am a current 3rd year and I love ID/HIV care but also OBGYN. I know there is the IDSOG option for ID training for OBGYNs but only 4 of those. Anyone know of other routes to be able to practice ID in some capacity as an OBGYN? Or more broadly ID fellowships open to non-IM trained MDs?
  6. K

    Official 2018-2019 Infectious Disease Application Cycle

    Post here for everything ID fellowship related.
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    Emory vs. UGA in Epidemiology PhD and Infectious Disease Modeling Research

    I am a prospective PhD student who has received admission offer from both Emory University and University of Georgia (UGA). I am very interested in describing infectious disease processes by analyzing risk factors (using statistical methods), as well as modeling disease dynamics. Career-wise, I...
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    What are my chances of working in Canada?

    I did med school in Honduras. I did all 3 steps of USMLE. I did IM residency in the U.S. I did ID fellowship in the U.S. I am US Board Certified in both IM and ID. I've now been working in private practice in the U.S. for 2 years. My documents are currently being verified through...
  9. Kakarrott

    Can you combine CC with ID and Renal?

    From a couple of my previous posts and my "research" on Reddit I found out that Critical Care is a great speciality that offers variety, you can diagnose, you can do procedures, people are collapsing out of various reasons, it just seems to be a great anti-boring speciality. On the other hand...
  10. B

    ARMY HPSP- Internal Medicine and ID Experts Please!!

    Hi! HPSP applicant here who has been accepted to his state medical school. I have been doing research out the wazo to find answers to my questions, but have yet to get a solid answer. I thought I would post here for some honest help! My situation: Accepted to state medical school, which will...
  11. S

    What are the differences between MD and MPH professions, specifically in infectious disease?

    Hi, I recently graduated with a BS and BA in Biochemistry/Cell Biology and Anthropology, and a minor in Global Health. I am highly interested in understanding infectious diseases, especially neglected tropical diseases such as leishmaniasis and hydatidosis, as these are diseases I have...
  12. Kakarrott

    Infectious Disease and ... ?

    As name of this threat suggest, what I am asking in if there is anything that can be combined with Infectious Diseseases and why would that one combination be good with it. Like, for example only, Dr. House is ID and nephrologist, I dont know if it is only to show that hes genius or if ID and...
  13. Ms. Medic

    Looking for Army ID Experiences

    Hello, Is anyone on here a current or past Army Infectious Disease specialist? If so, where were you stationed? What was your typical workweek like? What was your caseload like? Is there anything that you particularly like/dislike about ID milmed? I'm just looking for experiences and opinions...
  14. N

    How much fieldwork in infectious disease epidemiology?

    I'm guessing this is highly dependent on MPH vs. PhD, academia vs. industry, etc. Say someone has a PhD, would industry or academia be more suitable to someone who wants to travel and do fieldwork? I'm specifically interested in eco-epidemiology and the intersection between infectious disease...
  15. Q

    Other Doctoral Degree Transition from Physics

    Hi! I am currently a fourth year student specialised in Physics at Cambridge University. Even though I am interested in maths and physics, I have always felt the need to do something that has an impact on people. And over the past two years, I became increasingly interested in infectious disease...
  16. M

    Malaria Chemoprophylaxis Mode of Action

    Hi, Apologies if this is a dumb question, but 1) What is the mode of operation of malaria chemoprophlaxis (it seems to me, the drugs are the same as those used to treat malaria, so is the mechanism of action just to have your body filled with drugs which will destroy any plasmodium which...
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    Currently a student at Penn state on the kinesology track ( i changed from drexel nursing to here) I was seeing if switching to immunology and infectious disease would be a good idea for med school? Kines is cool but im not just feeling it.
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    opinion on TSS, please!

    I'm trying where I can to get a medical opinion. Maybe someone here can let me know something... and sorry for the unpleasantness. I'm experiencing flu like symptoms and body soreness. If I'm worried I have a TSS infection caused by extended tampon wear, would that condition be eliminated if...