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    Photograph for Secondary?!

    Hello all, So I have so far sent secondaries to 13 schools, most of which wanted a photograph. I had my friend take a few "professional" pictures a few months ago, mostly for Linkedin, and I thought the photo I was sending looked professional, but then I read a few forums and got paranoid. So I...
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    Neuropsych Postdocs: Caution

    The purpose of this forum is to provide candid descriptions of postdoc residencies or fellowships for others’ benefit. If you do not feel comfortable posting the exact name of the program, please provide some description of the type of program and approximate location. Use your discretion when...
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    How difficult are classes at SFSU/CSUEB vs UCD or other UC's? Please help

    So im considering doing a informal post bac at SFSU/CSUEB and am hoping some students who are in the programs and went to UCD or other UC's can help me out? How difficult are the upper div sciences at your post bacs vs the classes you took at Davis or other UC's? I am just trying to figure out...
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    Post-Bacc Physiology Question!

    Hello SDN members! A little background: I am currently beginning my final semester at a state university pursuing an "informal" style post-bacc where I simply take upper division biology courses that I have never taken before as well as repeating some pre-med pre-reqs that I didn't do so well...
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    Getting into formal post-bacc

    Hello, I am a rising undergraduate senior planning for plans after graduating. I currently have about a 3.07 cumulative and 2.56 science GPA, and I am very interested in going into a DO program. Before that, I am interested in going into a formal post-bacc program such as VCOM for its reserved...
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    Some clarification on post bac classes please!

    Hello sdn! I have decided to pursue an informal style postbac program. I have spoken to two different pre-health advisors, one from the university I graduated from and the other at the university I plan to attend for classes. One advisor strongly recommends that I take higher level science...