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Jan 24, 2016
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I am a rising undergraduate senior planning for plans after graduating. I currently have about a 3.07 cumulative and 2.56 science GPA, and I am very interested in going into a DO program. Before that, I am interested in going into a formal post-bacc program such as VCOM for its reserved seat implications (given good academic performance), but I know right now my GPA is way too low. I do think it will go up in this last year of undergrad (I did very well last semester), but there's no telling until it happens.

I couldn't find any forums on this idea so the answer might be "are you kidding? of course not!" but:

Is it possible to retake courses via an informal post-bacc at a university or community college, then apply to a formal post-bacc program like VCOM? I imagine if so, they would average the two grades when it would come to retakes... Additionally, how competitive are these programs? Are they worth it? I did notice that over the years medical school acceptance rates from those who did VCOM post-bacc has dramatically decreased, but there is still that reserved seat incentive.

Any info would be appreciated :) My plan before learning about these formal post-baccs from DO schools was to just do informal post-bacc and apply to DO schools just as everyone else does, so I'm just looking at other options!

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Most post bacc programs like VCOM require a gpa higher than 2.5 for both science and overall. My suggestion: After you finish undergraduate, take additional science classes as an informal post bacc until your gpa rises to 3.0 at least. Then you could apply to the VCOM or any other post bacc. Good Luck!!!