1. M

    Match day celebration ideas

    Anyone have some fun match day plans while on lock down at home during this pandemic?
  2. M

    Freshman finishing first 2 semesters of college with a 3.0 GPA... is all hope lost?

    Currently a freshman undergraduate student aspiring to become a physician specializing in emergency medicine. Recently, I've become discouraged with myself because I can't seem to pull off grades that would boost my GPA above a 3.0. During my first semester of classes, I had 2 B's, 1 B-, and 1...
  3. E

    NY Times: "Dr. Arnold Gold, 92, Dies; Made Compassionate Care a Cause"

    A sad loss, but an inspiring counter to the MCAT/application/premed doom and gloom that comes with winter: "Dr. Arnold Gold, a pediatric neurologist whose belief in the importance of an empathetic bedside manner led him and his wife to create a foundation to inspire young doctors to practice...
  4. EastCoastin

    URM Underdog / Comeback Story Thread

    Hey what's up y'all! There isn't too much info on the web about underdog URMs who get into med school and succeed. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find motivation when you're application is looking pretty good except for that low GPA or MCAT. It can also be difficult to gauge what GPA/MCAT is...
  5. futuredent6

    Struggling in Undergrad

    Hey everyone. I am new on here and I am currently struggling in my school and in the process of transferring to a new one. I graduated from high school in 2014 and attended a private university as a freshman. I ended up becoming severily depressed and took a medical withdrawal. I returned in...
  6. H

    A tough summer: Words of Encouragement

    Hello to the wonderful sdn community, A quick summary of my summer: -9 to 5 summer research internship with stipend -hospital volunteering once/twice in mornings before work -MCAT studying to take the exam in September I've spoken with my prehealth advisor, who said that for me, this summer is...
  7. Y

    Deciding to go after med, but do not know how to get there.

    Hello guys. I am a former university student form Concordia university and I was the absolute worst. My owrk ethic went down to the point where I have been kicked out of the university for three years. Since then (it has been a year since) and went back into cegep, only to do much better...
  8. O

    Unique situation

    I've been reading SDN threads for a few months now and still haven't found the answer I'm looking for. This isn't really relevant but when I was 17 I moved out because I couldn't get along with my parents. I can't blame them though, I wasn't exactly making it easy for them. I had been working a...
  9. neuro17

    Who do you aspire to be like?

    Someone recently asked me this (with regards to my choice to pursue medicine), and I was wondering how you would all respond.
  10. Y

    Would anyone be interested in contributing to a website?

    Would anyone here be interested in contributing to a website, meant to motivate and inspire jaded medical students? Where medical students can contribute ideas, thoughts, and motivational experiences. Do you all see a need for this?
  11. Y

    Technology Website for Medical Students/Residents to Share Experiences within Medical Education

    Hi, If you're looking to share your experiences within medical education or share your inspirational stories, here's an opportunity to do so, at www.whitecoated.com Alternatively, if you're not a writer, you can like Facebook.com/whitecoated to get updates on the most interesting pieces...
  12. Y

    Student Organization / Association Call for Submissions from Medical Students and Residents

    Hi! If anyone is interested in submitting a piece to a platform for medical students and residents, check out www.whitecoated.com, a platform designed to inspire, educate, and empower. Submissions eligible are: > Moving pieces of inspirational medicine or pieces displaying the humanism in...