Deciding to go after med, but do not know how to get there.

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Apr 14, 2016
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Hello guys.

I am a former university student form Concordia university and I was the absolute worst. My owrk ethic went down to the point where I have been kicked out of the university for three years. Since then (it has been a year since) and went back into cegep, only to do much better even beyond how I have been doing when I started Cegep. The dilemma I have right now is that I really do want to do my Bachelor's degree and start my journey into medicine (ideally in McGill as its in my home town), but at the moment I feel like I am stuck in a hole and I do not see any way of getting out. I am also afraid that universities will look at my past and reject me on the grounds that I was doing horrid while in university. What should I do in this case? Any suggestions (especially from Montreal students and graduates) will be all the more helpful.