1. N

    What are my chances? (Also, where should I apply)

    Hi all, I'm a 3rd year osteopathic medical student who fell in love with Internal Medicine as a field but did not do so hot on COMLEX 1 and Step 1. COMLEX 1 = 480 Step 1 = 204 I know these are not solid scores, but I want to do IM and ideally in a bigger city. I have no interest in pursuing...
  2. C

    Recertification needed for job?

    Hey all, I have been working at a VA in California for the last couple years. I am wondering if I will need to take a re-certification board exam in a few years. No one has said anything about boards, and I never received a contract with information about it being required to maintain...
  3. A

    MD & DO HPSP: Anyone with experience matching into internal med?

    Current Army HPSP recipient and M3 at allopathic school, leaning towards internal medicine right now. Based on the available match data, the Army internal medicine residency program never seems to fill with applicants and a newsletter from last year mentioned that IM, FM, psych, and pathology...
  4. J

    Medicine NBME 1 Thread

    Hi all. I had some questions about the NBME 1 thread: 1. older man w/dm2, unresponsive. high glucose -- due to HOGS/osmotic diuresis? 2. Older male w/fatigue and eosinophilia and weight loss. What's the next step in diagnosis? a. ACTH stim test b. 3 serial tests of stool for ova/parasites c...
  5. P

    Starting residency depression, need advice

    I am 1 month into my residency program, just finishing my internship. This past month has been hard, my patient load has been anywhere from 15-30 patients, many people I've talked to say "you're just starting, you need time to get used to it". I need somewhere to start. Are there any...
  6. haidarmm

    Johns Hopkins Internal Medicine Board Review or Step Up to Medicine

    Hello, I just wanted to get everyone’s input on what they chose to use when going over material during their internal medicine rotation. Which of these two did you prefer? If you chose something other than the two in the title, please let me know, along with the reason why you chose the...
  7. A

    Neuro Prelim - PLEASE HELP!

    Hey guys, I'm a US-IMG applying this year and I really need help. Not much guidance from my school and a little pressed for time with apps this week - any advice asap would be very helpful! I had 3 main questions: 1. If I'm applying to Neuro and IM programs, is it bad to apply to prelim IM at...
  8. V

    Position Wanted PGY-2 or R1

    Hi, I matched intro IM Prelim this year and I'm looking for any PGY-2 in IM or R1 seat for the next year. I have green card and I have no geographic preference. I have decent scores. Please let me know if there is any seat available. Thanks.
  9. E

    Who would you rank higher, a new university sponsored or a community based program?

    So I think I have decent chances of matching in 1 of 2 prospective programs... One of them is a university-based IM residency program, this program has been going on for 2 years now, it is in a level 3 trauma center. They will complete the cycle with the 2017 residents. The medical school is...
  10. W

    In need of excellent advice - please hear me out.

    First & foremost, I've been reading other individuals' posts related to my delimmas for about 3-4 years now, seeking additional consult. However, I never had the desire to post my own scenario. I recently graduated with a BA in Psychology, and my science GPA is a 2.2 while my overall is a 2.65...
  11. Doc55

    Position Wanted PGY-1 preliminary position at IM Residency Program

    I'm looking for a PGY-1 preliminary position in an Internal Medicine Residency Program. I am a US Citizen-IMG. ACLS, BLS, PALS certified. Currently, I'm enrolled in online MBA and MPH programs. My USMLE scores are: 220, 230, pass, 214 all on the first attempt and within one year. Available...
  12. PTSI

    Physician Wanted, 3 Years Experience in Occup/ER/Family, or, Internal- Direct Hire in Missouri

    We are looking to hire a Plant Physician for someone with 3 years of experience in Occupational, Emergency, Family, or Internal medicine for a major automotive manufacturer. MUST be comfortable with Acute care such as; lacerations, non-complex sutures, simple facial sutures, reading x-rays of...
  13. C

    How Much Does ACVIM Boarding Increase an Equine/LA Salary?

    Also, how competitive are these programs? Say I completed a ACVIM equine internal medicine residency. How much would this put me a step "above" the other candidates for say a partner practice? How much would this increase my mid-career and starting salary vs. just an equine internship?
  14. I

    Whats a wise path to follow for fresh FMG

    Hi everyone, Im a non-US FMG (July 2015). I have no US clinical experience except for having otitis media at my Uncle's wedding in Buffalo NY as a kid. I intend to take my USMLE (at least step 1) this academic year, and thats all I have planned for sure. I was hoping to get your ideas on...