international dental program

  1. Claudillea

    California Schools 2021-2022 Application Cycle

    Has there been interview invites for California schools - International Dental Programs, like from UCLA, USC, Western, etc (i know UCSF already started sending out invites)?
  2. N

    Different programs for international dentists

    Hi all, I'm an international dentist who is currently doing research. I haven't done any boards exam or GRE yet, and I'm planning to apply to ortho residency the next cycle. But to be honest, I'm getting tired of doing research. Is there any other programs (no residency) maybe clinical...
  3. F

    practise in canada!!

    hello, can an international dentist practise in canada after clearing the NDEB exam? i mean do you get license to practise right away or is it that you have to join a dental school like how it is in USA? and also what is the scope and possibility of getting a PR and job opportunity after that...
  4. D

    San Francisco Bay Area Bench Prep Course for International Dental Applicants

    BayAreaBenchPrep is offering a typodont preparation course for international dentists preparing to apply to US dental schools. Following successful completion of our course in May 2017, we are pleased to announce course dates for July 2017. We are accepting reservations for a limited number of...
  5. Z

    Nbde 1 study partners

    Hello everyone , I'm planning on taking the nbde part 1 by the end of march, I live in California (Orange County) and would appreciate any interested study partners ( female) . Thanks :)
  6. C

    International Journal looking for good dental articles

    http://oaspubs.com/index.php/JCRD International dental journal looking for good dental articles to be published.
  7. DDSNY15

    Marquette University AEGD program 2016-2017

    Hello, Everyone! This is for all of those interested in Marquette University AEGD program 2016-2017 cycle. This program uses various application forms. (PASS, CAAPID) with different submission dates. So when asking about it refered to your application form weather PASS/CAAPID/ANY...
  8. B

    Info Sites for Applicants

    Hey guys, For whoever needs a summary of how to get a DMD/DDS in the US check out this site.. though it seems to be in progress!! Also if everyone can post a list of useful sites that would be great!! www.internationalDMD.com thought it might help, all the best! :)
  9. alealvarado

    GPA 2.88

    Hey guys!!
  10. M

    Nbde part 1 -Study partner - florida

    Hello everyone ! from Argentina. planning to take nbde part 1 in florida( miramar area) augost 10th . I i need a study partner fulltime to go over all the questions before the test. I already study most of all the subjects. It would be great to find someone to kill the questions , since from...
  11. E

    Indiana vs Boston Vs UMN.

    Which School to choose for Advanced Standing DDS... 1. UMN- Dentsim, good program but expensive.. does it have advantage over indiana? 2. Indiana- Cheaper than UMN, Good Program 3. BU- Shortest program, will finish early, less tuition..cons higher cost of living and less clinical experience...
  12. O

    Nova Southeastern University is currently accepting 1-2 foreign trained dentist per year!!!

    Hi fellow colleagues, today I called Nova Southeastern University to request some information. I"m currently living in Florida and I have them as my #1 choice, even though they are a 3 year program. After talking to a secretary who gave me all the requirements, I was transferred to the...
  13. B

    NDEB-equivalency process - canada - study material

    hi , i am planning to give ndeb equivalency process(afk) exams next year. can anyone please suggest what all books i should read ? (dental decks part- 1 & 2, mosby )?!
  14. D

    Internationally educated dentist, specializing in Canada/USA after accreditation?

    Is there any dentist who graduated from a non-accredited university (outside Canada & USA), got accreditation through the equivalency process and pursued a specialty in USA or Canada? Especially OMFS (Oral & maxillofacial surgery) Is your degree viewed inferior to those applying with a Canadian...
  15. D

    Pursue Masters or International Dentistry?

    Hello everyone, I am a undergraduate student in sciences (here in Canada) and desperately want to become a dentist here. The problem is that my GPA in early years was terrible. It has improved over the years (~3.1) but not to the competitive 3.7 required by the Dental Schools in Canada...
  16. U

    De La Salle University in Leon, Mexico (IDP PROGRAM)

    Hi everyone. I am interested in going to De La Salle University school of Dentistry and i had a few questions: 1) my father is american and my mother is mexican and she is a U.S. citizens. I don't speak spanish. I reside in California. Will De Le Salle dental school still accepted me? 2) Does...