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  1. N

    International Students Graduating from American Medical Schools - Horror Stories?

    Hey all, I'm an international student studying at a mid-tier US MD school on an F1 visa. I wanted to reach out to my fellow international students at varying stages in the process, and ask if they've heard of any horror stories either from a visa or a financial perspective, so that we may...
  2. C

    International Student Apps Open @ Sydney - The University of Notre Dame Australia

    Hi guys, As you probably know, The University of Notre Dame Australia runs the Doctor of Medicine, but has typically been open only for Australian students. It looks like they now are open for international students on the Sydney campus only. For 2019, they have 10 spots available for...
  3. LindaAccepted

    Medical Is Drop in Foreign Student Visas Due to Trump’s Immigration Policy?

    According to State Department data, the number of visas given to foreign students was noticeably lower last year after stricter immigration policies were implemented. This has added to the financial challenges that some US colleges and universities are experiencing. Foreign schools have...
  4. K

    A pre med international student graduating in Dec 2018 please help

    Hi, I'm an international student (undergraduate, pre-med) and my expected graduation date is Dec 2018. I'm aware that medical schools in the US don't start till August so I'm need some advice. Has anyone ran into the same/similar problem? Should I start looking for some internships so I can...
  5. Dr. Li

    Any International Student Applicants? (which schools accept U.S. citizens only?)

    Dear Friends, I am an international student who will graduate in Dec from a 4 yr university here in the U.S. (Any international students here? F-1 visa) I just fond out that The LECOM School of Dental Medicine only accepts applicants who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Does anyone of...
  6. S

    Free digital book for international students and foreign workers

    Hi Student Doctor community I found this digital book very useful as an international student / foreign worker medical intern. The free digital book is attached as a link and as a PDF Acrobat file. I hope you also find it useful. Sal Practical advice for entrepreneurs, migrants, foreign...
  7. M

    Canadian USMD Applicant, School List Additions/Help

  8. A

    Should I bother applying to dental school?

    So this is my situation. I am a pretty bad test taker and it affected my first year of college the most. I am very interested in dental school but the reality is that my GPA is not amazing and this is really making me wonder if I should bother spending $3000 dollars just applying. I am just at...
  9. Y

    Should i apply for this cycle?

    Here are my stats: cgpa: 3.26, sgpa: 3 I'm an international student, studying my undergrad in biology here and graduating in 3 weeks. Since it's hard to foreign students to get into med school, I applied to pharmacy school and I already got accepted for fall. but i don't wanna regret that i...
  10. K

    Dental to Medical?

    I have been studying dentistry in India for three years now. Unlike the United States-where one would have to complete four years of predent- Indian dental schools accept students straight out of high school. The bachelors level dental program here is five years long. In my first three years I...
  11. M

    Questions About Advanced Education for an International Dentist

    Hey everybody, I'm a third grade non-accredited dental student. And i'm trying to figure out how to complete advanced education in US and go back to my country and work here. I've got few questions: 1- My desire is to get my advanced education and go back. 2- Should i get DDS or...
  12. B

    mph/mha/ dental hygienist !?!

    hello, can anyone please suggest which course is better to study abroad after bds in india... mph/mha or dental hygienist?! also which country is better .... usa/canada/australia ?! and job outlook. i am really confused :(. please help !