1. P

    What's up with Sackler

    I've been reading about Sackler all day and I am still so confused about its accreditation. It seems like at some point it was a US accredited school, but after visiting the following link, Accredited U.S. Programs | LCME it appears it no longer is. How does this affect match rates and education...
  2. glucoseMD

    Technion, Sackler, or MSIH?

    Hi Everyone, I'm very grateful to have received acceptances to all three of the American programs in Israel! I know this has been discussed before and I've read many of the other threads, but I'm still really struggling with the decision. To give some background, I grew up Jewish with strong...
  3. L

    2020-2021 Sackler School of Medicine

    Hi everyone! Since Sackler just opened up their application for starting in Fall 2021, I thought I would create a thread for all of us to discuss!
  4. L

    Technion TeAMS 2020-2021

    Hello everyone! I noticed there wasn’t a three for this year’s Technion TeAMS application. My stats: Submitted application: 10/20/2020 II: 12/23/2020 Interview: 12/30/2020 Good luck to everyone applying!
  5. D

    Should I go to Med school? I am on the fence. details inside

    Hello! I really need some advice regarding whether I should go to Med school or not. It is going to be long so the Basic question is- should I go to Med school if I think about going to biomedical research? shouldn't a PhD be sufficient? The following details are important in order to...
  6. M

    2018-2019 Technion American Medical School (TEAMS)

    Hi everyone! Here is a thread for the Technion. I submitted my app about 3 weeks ago and still haven't heard back. Has anyone received an interview?
  7. phospho

    Residency in Israel for AMGs w/ completed USMLEs but no U.S. residency

    Surprisingly, there is pretty much nothing of value here on SDN in regards to this topic. I just spent the last hour utilizing the search function and I just wasted my time with threads talking about the weather in Israel, talking about politics, living, the language, etc... can we perhaps talk...
  8. C

    Technion American Medical School (TEAMS) 2018 (Class of 2022)

    Hey! I have yet to find a thread for the TEAMS program this cycle. Has anyone been interviewed? accepted? Interested in going? Committed? Seems difficult to find any information for this years cycle, information about the school, etc. Any current TEAMS Students that can pitch in on what it's...
  9. B

    MD / DO / International not sure what to do?

    Hi, I am a pre med major studying in a top 50 US School. Im in my senior year have taken my MCAT's and have already applied to around 20 MD US Schools. I scored a 510 on my MCAT Chem125 CARS130 Bio127 and Psych128. I have a 3.8 GPA overall (psych major) and a 3.7 BCPM GPA. I am graduating a...
  10. tutorthepeople

    MCAT TTP IS with Jordan L, Yale BA Graduate and Medical School Applicant

    In today’s episode of the TTP IS, we’re chatting with Jordan, Yale University graduate with a BA in history. Jordan is currently applying to medical schools. He scored a 523 on the MCAT!! TTP: Hi there, Jordan! Thank you for participating in our TTP IS! This series is a unique opportunity for...
  11. N

    Touro, NY -Middletown vs BGU-MSIH, Israel

    Touro, NY Middletown Pros Close to where I live now (NYC). My wife works and lives in NYC. Flipped classroom curriculum which is attractive for my learning style. Very modern facilities with plastination, 3D modeling, and anatomy labs. Osteopathic American medical school. Excellent 1st time...
  12. G

    2016-2017 Technion American Medical School (TeAMS)

    Interview season has recently started and I'm sure many people are curious about the process. Lets get the questions rolling!
  13. J

    2016-2017 Technion American Medical School

    Can't seem to find a thread for this year. I applied in November but still haven't heard back. Leaving this thread open for all updates/news regarding this program. :)
  14. G

    2016-2017 Sackler School of Medicine New York State Program

    Starting this thread to help any Sackler applicants with questions regarding the application process/interview or anything else.