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  1. C

    JOB APPLICANTS NEEDED: NIH Funded Research Associate/Research Coordinator Position

    APPLY AT Research Coordinator The Psychophysiology Laboratory for Affective Neuroscience (PLAN; PLAN ) in the University of Tulsa’s Department of Psychology is accepting applications for a full-time Research Associate / Research Coordinator. The position will assist with a 5-year NIH/NCCIH...
  2. D

    Opportunity for IMG's across Canada (ideally) to gain experience

    I am a fully licensed board certified General Psychiatrist and have a sub specialization as a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. My background is that I completed my medical school training in Ireland, matched in the first CARMS iteration and completed residency and subspecialty training in BC...
  3. T

    Negotiation regarding PSLF

    Hi everyone. I am a CAP fellow currently interviewing with state hospitals. I plan to do PP on the side. The state hospitals pay around 335k with fairly good work life balance. Benefits are amazing. They also have PSLF but I gratefully do not have loan burden. I am wondering if It is possible to...
  4. W

    ShiftKey work as a CMA

    Hey everyone. I recently stumbled upon ShiftKey which is an app that lets you pickup bonuses shifts at facilities in your area as a CMA/CNA etc. has anyone had experience with this app? Reviews? Thanks!
  5. khoanguyen1512

    Retail/VA Q&A Session ???

    Hello fellow RPh, students, resident, I am currently a clinical night pharmacist at VA in Arizona. I was very active in this pharmacy forum while applying for my pharmacy school and get ton of help throughout my entrance application. I am returning the favor by opening this Q&A session to...
  6. S

    Johns Hopkins Orthopaedics Research Fellowship (Summer 2021 for M1s)

    The Johns Hopkins Orthopedic Surgery Department invites current M1s to apply for a funded 8-10 week clinical research fellowship during the summer of 2021. Silberstein Pediatric Orthopaedics Research Fellowship Location: Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD Preceptors: Paul D. Sponseller...
  7. R

    Plastic Surgery/Hand Surgery Research Position

    Apply Now Research Assistant - MedStar Health MedStar Health Research Institute · Research-MCRC Baltimore, MD Research Full Time, Day Shift, M-F 8a-4:30p Hours/Week: 40.00 Posted 03/17/2020 Req # 29210 Job Summary Under direct or close supervision, provides...
  8. O

    Position Available Looking for Clinical Psychology graduates for Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    Clinical Psychologist Ottawa Centre for Cognitive Therapy Preferred start date: January 2020 Job Summary The Ottawa Centre for Cognitive Therapy is seeking a Clinical Psychologist with a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy orientation within a busy, well established clinic in Ottawa Ontario...
  9. E

    Applying for a job after completing GPR in NYC

    Hi all, I'm about to start my GPR residency on July 1st in NYC. I like to plan things out mentally ahead of time, so I wanted to know exactly how the process works around this time next year in terms of applying for jobs/receiving licensure. From what I've read, it seems that many people...
  10. P

    Applying for hospital positions

    I graduated this year and I am applying for hospital positions, mostly in the rural area. I have not received any interviews. So far I have been applying with a one-page resume, cover letter and references (when asked). Would it be better to apply with my CV instead of resume? Granted, its...
  11. M

    Gap Year When to apply?

    Hi everyone! I recently decided to take a gap year, so I need to find a real job during that time. I was wondering when I should start applying for jobs to put me at the best advantage for getting a job that I want for my gap year? I would like to do something research related. Are there any...
  12. H

    Interview for Psychologist Position at Academic Med Center

    I have my first phone interview for a psychologist position at an academic medical center next week. The position is mostly clinical with some opportunities for research funding. Any thoughts about what I should expect, how to prepare? Any topics I should definitely (or definitely not) bring up...
  13. N

    What should my objective be on my resume?

    I am currently persuing an associates of arts in Biology to major in Neuroscience. Aspiring to go to med school. I want to gain clinical experience as well as research experience or a job related to my career path. I am Interested in anything related to neurology, neuroscience, Neuroradiology...
  14. KloudMD

    Licensed Residents, Fellows: Telemedicine opportunity available

    Set your own availability, get paid $120-$180/hr, malpractice fully covered, apply here If you have any questions e-mail [email protected] or call 844-4-KloudMD or +14077921197 ext 123 to reach me personally if you have questions. This isn't a paid ad. I work for them and it's awesome. They're...
  15. X

    MD Just Graduated with MD* and Seeking Advice

    I will try to make this post as concise as I can, and I apologize if I include superfluities or other statements not germane to this inquiry. If there is specific information that would be helpful in terms of understanding my situation, please let me know. Thanks! I just graduated with an MD...
  16. S

    Free digital book for international students and foreign workers

    Hi Student Doctor community I found this digital book very useful as an international student / foreign worker medical intern. The free digital book is attached as a link and as a PDF Acrobat file. I hope you also find it useful. Sal Practical advice for entrepreneurs, migrants, foreign...
  17. C

    Letters of Rec from Residency after Fellowship?

    Hey there, was wondering, after you finish a 1-2 year fellowship and are applying for jobs, who does your letters of rec typically come from? Do most jobs require letters from specific people? Your fellowship PD? Your residency PD? Or just people who know your work best?
  18. Slippers

    Walgreens job application?

    Hello everyone! So I'm applying for a job at Walgreens and I have a general question about the application! I'm a P4 pharmacy student right now. When you select which location you want to work in, there's a question that reads "With valid pharmacist licence? (Yes/No)." I don't have a...