1. P

    How to best guess which journal I have a better chance of getting accepted to?

    Hi everyone, I am writing a paper and am trying to decide if submitting to a journal with a high IF means it is automatically much more difficult to get accepted. This is my first 1st author paper, and first paper I'm submitting period. I am interested in the Journal of Environmental...
  2. HealthNombreUno

    Best Medical Journal to Consume?

    Hello all! I am currently a pre-med student and like to read research articles and general topics in medicine often. Since I am not a professional and do not fully understand medical jargon quite yet, what would be the best journal for me to subscribe to and consume for my own personal interests?
  3. jmiah717

    Neuropsych Journals

    I have access through the VA to professional literature but I'm having some trouble finding neuropsych articles. I'd like to get better acquainted with the literature. What database should I be using? We don't seem to have a Neurology database and I'm not turning up much on the psych databases.
  4. Waldeinsamkeit

    Medical Journals with Price Breaks for Medical Students

    I know that the NEJM is much more affordable for students--does anyone know any other journals with similar deals? Thanks!