july mcat

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    July 28th MCAT okay?

    I'm wondering if a July 28th MCAT would be considered okay for this cycle? I am currently signed up for the July 15 MCAT and got a 511 (126/128/128/129) on FL1 yesterday. Thinking of no show/voiding it and signing up for the 28th instead because I am super nervous about Chem/Phys and definitely...
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    Will scheduled MCAT date hinder my MD application?

    Hello! I am scheduled to take the MCAT July 21st and am writing to gain some insight on how this later date could hinder my chances of matriculating. I have already written my personal statement and it has be reviewed/revised multiple times at the university writing center. Planning on filling...
  3. I

    MD & DO June 29 or july 22 MCAT??

    Hello, I am currently registered for June 29th MCAT. I took AAMC practice test 2 yesterday and only scored a 501. Now I am debating pushing it back to July 22 ( the next earliest exam day). I want to apply to MD and DO schools. Would it be considered to late of an MCAT? I will try to get my...
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    Pushing back my MCAT

    Hello everyone, So my test is scheduled for June 16th and I don't feel really confident. I just want to take it once, so I am willing to push my test back util July 22nd, and there are still seats open nearby my city for that date. I have my letters all sent in to my university, they will be...
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