1. E

    PhD/PsyD Ohio Jurisprudence/Licensure Exam

    Hi everyone, I am studying for the Ohio jurisprudence exam (I take it on July 18th). I have been told to essentially "memorize" the entire manual they provide (39 pages). Has anyone taken the test recently who can speak about the difficulty of the questions? Or, the types of questions they might...
  2. C

    Psychology JEE Exam Ontario

    I am preparing for Psychology JEE, Jurisprudence and Ethics Exam in Ontario. Anyone who passed or preparing for it, please share your strategy. Thanks
  3. S

    NC dental hygiene jurisprudence test

    I have tried to take the NC Jurisprudence Test twice now and I’ve failed it both times with a score of 19, and I need 20 to pass. I only have 1 attempt at the test left. I’ve read the laws and info they sent me to study but answers to certain questions are no where to be found on any website...
  4. b0rganic

    Florida Physical Therapy Laws and Rules Exam 2017

    Hello recent Florida grads! I'm going to be settling in Ft. Lauderdale after graduating from my DPT program in California and passing the NPTE in April, and was wondering the best approach for preparing for the jurisprudence exam? I've printed the handbook and I'm reading through that, and was...
  5. M

    Arizona optometry jurisprudence exam tips

    Hey guys, I have my Arizona jurisprudence exam this week and I wanted to see if anyone has already taken it and can give me any tips. Not really sure how I need to be studying for this test
  6. D

    Advice on Getting Licensed in Massachusetts

    Having just gotten licensed as a psychologist in Massachusetts (and having found the process convoluted and overwhelming at times), I decided to write a short blog with tips on the process. You can find it here: Bits and Pieces Hope it helps!
  7. D

    MA Psychology Jurisprudence Exam

    Has anyone taken the MA Psychology Jurisprudence exam? I have the booklet that give you, but there are no practice test, so I have no idea how to begin studying for it. I get it that I have to memorize the laws, but is there an emphasis on certain chapters, do I need to know the title and...
  8. Fuzzylogik

    PhD/PsyD Oregon Jurisprudence Exam for Psychologists

    I am currently licensed in another stated and will be sitting for the Oregon Jurisprudence Exam later this year. There are a couple of threads that have asked this question in the past but no answers -- any suggestions on how to study? What the exam focuses on? Is it open or closed book...