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  2. L

    UTSW vs USC (Keck)

    I've been fortunate enough to get into these great schools and receive amazing scholarships, I'm having such a hard time deciding. I was born, raised, and went to college in Dallas so I've grown to love the city. However, getting to live in California has always been a dream of mine. Don't know...
  3. J

    USC Keck vs. UCI

    I am really torn... I don't strongly prefer one over the other (hence the sparse list) so your thoughts and perspectives are extremely appreciated. USC Keck Pros More robust clinical experience/students are more prepared(?) bc of LAC+USC hospital Bigger network, USC connections and all that...
  4. C

    USC Keck vs. Baylor

    Hi all, With the April 30 deadline coming up so soon I have such a difficult decision to make...I'm choosing between USC Keck and Baylor. I know I'm so lucky to even have a choice but I feel really stuck. I made a pros and cons list: USC: Pros: -went to undergrad in California and really love...
  5. T

    To Keck Students: Questions about Keck before attending

    I have a few questions about Keck that I want to ask before going to the school. I would really appreciate the help! :) What exactly is PPM and ICM? I see that on all the schedules. The website also talks about CTR and EBM. What are those also? How is the curriculum? How many hours a week do...
  6. GhostNote

    Columbia versus USC?

    Hi all. I rarely post here (longtime lurker), but I'll be damned if I'm not in the middle of a serious dilemma. I got accepted to two schools... both of which I like a lot, and I just can't decide: Keck (USC) and Columbia. I'm from LA, and my family and most of my best friends are here. I have...