1. S

    Kinesiology Before Medical School?

    I know all of you might say, "do something you are interested in", "do something you can get a high GPA and that "you can do whatever you want". But, I just want to get your opinion on what you think of a degree in Kinesiology before medical school. I love learning about anatomy and this program...
  2. S

    Coursework & Fieldwork No physics before Kinesiology (Pre-OT)

    Hi everyone. The OT schools I applied to do not require Physics as a pre-req for the program. However, it is a recommended course for one of the schools. I have never taken physics and math is not a subject I am good at all. I have take pre-calc many years ago. NOTE: I have done pretty well in...
  3. Pre-PT Grind

    Pre-Physical Therapy: How to get in w/ a Low GPA - Ask away!

    Helping Pre-physical therapy students get inot PT school with a low GPA. ASK AWAY!!
  4. Lever09

    Practice case studies...

    Hello everyone! I apologize if this has already been asked but I searched and didn't see anything similar. I have already gotten into a DPT program, I started last fall but was required to take. Break around Christmas 2016 due to medical issues with a return a year later. I've been meeting with...
  5. RogueBanana

    Anyone else here major in Kinesiology/Ex-Phys?

    I was a Kinesiology major with a focus on biomechanics and a minor in Organic Chem. I love kinesiology, and I'm really interested in fitness and the physiology of exercise, in fact, my fascination with physiology was a large contributing factor to me pursuing medicine! However, I wouldn't want...
  6. pmaq

    HELP , in dire need of tips & advice . DPT , GRE , the whole shabang !

    3.35 GPA , 500+ PT Observations hours and still need to take the GRE I realize my GPA isn't the best , but what are some things I can do to increase my chance. Also, does anyone know of any schools that are known for accepting applicants like myself ? I have been looking to apply to Western ...
  7. C

    MS in Kinesiology or MPH before med school?

    I am a junior majoring in Economics right now. I plan to do med schools, but besides all med school pre-req, I don't know anything deeper about health science. I did shadowings, volunteering and also engage in research at my school yet I still feel like unsecured to apply for med school in the...
  8. K

    Kinesiology or Biochemistry for Pre-Physiatry?

    Hello you guys! I'm relatively new to this form so please bear with me :bear: I am a Freshman at my university and I am a Kinesiology major. I was originally pre-Physical therapy, but after some soul searching I believe my true passion lies in becoming a physician, specifically PM&R. I am unsure...