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Nov 17, 2015
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Hello you guys! I'm relatively new to this form so please bear with me :bear: I am a Freshman at my university and I am a Kinesiology major. I was originally pre-Physical therapy, but after some soul searching I believe my true passion lies in becoming a physician, specifically PM&R. I am unsure weather I should 1) Major in Kinesiology and Minor in Biochemistry or Major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Minor in Health Science and Kinesiology. Both pathways have very similar classes: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, OChem, Anatomy, Physiology, Exercise Physiology, General Genetics, Immunology, Psychology, Sociology, Biochem 1 and GE's. The only differences are that Kinesiology has General Stats, Biomechanics, and Nutrition for Exercise Training & Performance while Biochem has Biostats, Microbiology, Physical Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics. Which route do you guys believe will prepare me for medical school and physiatry as a whole? I am equally passionate in both subjects, so its hard for me to decide :( thank you!

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Well, I'll be the first one to tell you that kinesiology and biochemistry differ far more than you have credit for here. It depends on what you want to do..there are People who start medical school with journalism degrees or some exercise science degree..most of us going to medical school have biology degrees, but it comes down to what do you fell gives you the best chance at getting into medical school and succeeding? If you are equally passionate, then flip a coin. I think as far as class material goes, biochemistry is your best bet by far..but then again kinesiology would be of great help for your career further down the road. You choose.
Deciding what your medical specialty during your freshman year of undergrad sounds a bit ambitious. I'd focus on studying/majoring what you are interested in, taking all the necessary pre-med reqs, and getting into med school. :)
Thank you guys for the input! I really appreciate it