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Jul 12, 2016
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I am a junior majoring in Economics right now. I plan to do med schools, but besides all med school pre-req, I don't know anything deeper about health science. I did shadowings, volunteering and also engage in research at my school yet I still feel like unsecured to apply for med school in the coming cycle. My parents encouraged me to take a MS in health science or MPH after undergrad and I do think it may not be a bad choice, whatever it's for. I am struggling which master program I should go to, MS or MPH? I am thinking if I end up failing med school application, I will still have something to hold on to and study something related to medicine and apply for med school again in the coming years.


Seriously, dude, I think you're overreacting....
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Oct 12, 2004
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Honestly? Either one of those plans is a waste of time and money, unless your parents can afford to foot the bill for you. And even then, it's still a waste of time if your goal is to get into medical school.

Based on your post, I gather that you have at least two issues that could negatively affect your med school apps: 1) you have insufficient clinical experience, and 2) you are not a native speaker of English. Instead of getting a worthless graduate degree, I suggest you focus on remedying those two issues. Start by applying for some jobs. It doesn't really matter what job you take, since it's just temporary, but anything related to customer service where you have to deal with people b****ing at you is ideal. Even being a barista at Starbucks will do. In the meantime, keep getting more clinical experience, and keep working on your spoken and written English skills. You can get more clinical experience by shadowing, volunteering, or employment (or some combo of the above). You can improve your English by continuing to practice speaking and writing. A customer service-oriented job will help you with that as well.
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