leadership role

  1. Preston Ganey Jr

    Value of leadership roles early in career?

    Hi Y'all, A question for the current and former medical directors out there: I'm early in my attending career and considering a couple different options - an academic job with built-in leadership opportunities for about 60-65% of the pay of an alternative "community" gig within a large health...
  2. I

    What shows leadership?

    I know that being an officer in a club or being an RA shows leadership but do personal things such as reporting and testifying against a crime count?
  3. doctorstrangerthingz

    How important are leadership/volunteer during medical school?

    How important is it to have leadership experience (president of a club, group, etc) or volunteer experience during med school? Will they influence residency at all? Or are they typically done just out of interest?
  4. C

    Leadership experience? Teaching English abroad?

    I’m a sophomore looking for leadership experience. The organizations I belong in are very large and leadership positions are very competitive. I was wondering if there are any type of volunteer I could do during the summer anyone could suggests that would fit leadership experience? I’m currently...
  5. F

    Leadership positions?

    Currently I've volunteered at a hospital ER for 150 hrs, started this internship program in another one (going to be 100+ hours when I complete and this hospital is my university's one so hopefully that's a plus), recently started volunteering with the Red Cross, and will start an RA position at...
  6. C

    No leadership in clubs?

    Hi SDN! So I am going to apply the next cycle but I just wanted to know how much is lack of leadership going to affect your application? I have shadowed physicians and am volunteering at two hospitals and am in three other extra curricular activities as well as working in a lab. I also did Dale...
  7. P

    No leadership?

    I'm currently working on my TMDSAS and AMCAS activities, and realized I don't really have anything that clearly goes into the Leadership category. Will I be at a huge disadvantage if I don't put anything in this category? I'm really worried about this, to the point where I'm considering applying...
  8. A

    Suggestions for pre-med

    Hi everyone, I am currently in my second semester of my sophomore year as a pre-med student and am interested to hear anyone's suggestions about extracurricular activities. My GPA is slightly lower than I would like, but it has been gradually improving. During my freshman year, I was not...
  9. M

    Leadership Role vs Research

    Hi everyone, I've been roaming through threads for a while, and have ran into a road block. I currently am trying to determine the importance of maintaining a leadership role in the arts and sciences student council at my school, or if I should leave the student council after this semester and...