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  1. VeritasVitamEst

    LUCOM vs. Western U (COMP-NW)

    Hello all. Trying to make a decision between the two schools and would love some community input Background: I'm a non-trad student; married and expecting our first child. (I'll leave stats since people might find it helpful). Undergrad: Classical Liberal Arts and Culture (3.36) Post-Bacc...
  2. Noisewater-TDX

    LUCOM Class of 2021 (Liberty)

    Reserved - All things LUCOM 2021 related. We start July 31st 2017.
  3. alllpallll

    EVMS vs Liberty Med Master's

  4. alllpallll

    Liberty University Biomedical Sciences M.S. Fall 2017

  5. F

    Liberty University Biomedical Sciences Program vs PCOM-GA Biomed Program

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum this is my first post. I was accepted to Liberty University's 2 year Biomedical sciences program which is 39 credit hours $580/hr. I was told I would be given a guaranteed acceptance into LUCOM if I maintain a 3.5 in the program and receive a 500 MCAT. 20 students...
  6. T

    Trying to make post bacc descision

    Hello, I am just trying to get some feedback about anyone who either has been in these programs or has completed their post bacc masters program of the following schools and has actually gotten into medical school afterwards. I'm trying to get your opinions, good and bad, to help me make a...
  7. J

    Liberty University encouraging armed student body and Islamaphobia?

    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/liberty-university-president-guns_566348bfe4b08e945fefc8a0 http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/liberty-university-president-guns_566348bfe4b08e945fefc8a0 Liberty University President Tells Students To Bring Guns To Campus He said, "I've always thought if more...
  8. O