locum tenens

  1. D

    Requesting time off, Suggestions for Locum Tenems

    Hello! So, I'm an associate working at an office in upstate NY and I really like the office. I've been planning for several months to go abroad this summer to visit where my parents are from and finally got the dates from my aunt on when she is going. It would be for 3 weeks in August. I put...
  2. A

    Locum Anesthesiologist position in Portsmouth , VA

    Shift(s) Description: 0700-1530 + night call & weekend call Weekend Requirements: N/A On Call Requirements: N/A Open dates: May 1, 2023 - July 2023 (tentative) Job Details: Practice Setting: Hospital Based Schedule (Shifts and Hours): 0700-1530 (N/A Call) Documentation System/EMR: EPIC...
  3. S

    Locums/Moonlighting/Telehealth during PICU fellowship

    Hi! I was recently talking to a couple of friends who are pursuing fellowship (PICU and PCards to be specific) and mentioned they've started taking some locums gigs at urgent care clinics during their off days while the other took up telehealth, both in their respective states. Has anyone had...
  4. S

    Bay Area Locum market

    I work full time in a hospital in the Midwest however for family reasons I have to move to the Bay Area. I was considering locums for a starter for flexibility and to learn more about the area/market. I was wondering what would be the average rate and how to reach out to hospital groups (I would...
  5. R

    Locum Tenens Startup Company

    Hi all, I'm in the infancy stages of starting a locum tenes company. I'm currently an administrator that has partnered with a pulmonologist to begin this company. I'm curious if there are other young ambitious physicians interested in being a part of this business? I'm happy to share more...
  6. MMADoc

    Locum tenens company recommendations?

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for locum tenens companies that have worked out well for them or anyone else they may know? Pretty open to any type of practice environment and looking for 2 months or less contracts at a time. Also, what general considerations should I...
  7. Stayccoob

    Other Locum Tenens - Gathering Information

    I am looking to learn more about what physicians know about locum tenens. Mostly what you are told as a resident/fellow or while in medical school. Is the option to "go locum" presented as a career option?
  8. XenophonMD

    Health insurace option for locums docs (1099)

    Is it possible to buy HI at a reasonable plan (including dependents), while on a locum job? What plans are out there for families living on a 1099 income?
  9. Bwright007

    The Tough Life of a Recruiter

    Everyone hates me! No seriously, no one likes being called by a locum tenens recruiter. I asked this question on another thread, but I'm trying to take a different approach to the industry by asking first hand students, graduates, and tenured psychiatrists on here. Unfortunately my job is...
  10. P

    career options, locums, residency funding snafu

    Major questions are bolded. I have struggled to get into residency for a number of reasons and I need advice about my options. I’m not sure how many details to include. I have not been able to reach anyone at my med school and feel so alone. I graduated from med school in 2015 in NV but did...
  11. R

    Freelance Clinical Jobs for Doctors

    Interested in part-time or freelance clinical jobs? Checkout Nomad Health at nomadhealth.com. Nomad is a new, completely free service for doctors to find freelance clinical jobs -- like temporary gigs, telehealth, locum tenens, shift work, etc. -- but without recruiters or paperwork. Doctors...
  12. CompHealth

    Locum Tenens for Your Specialty

    Curious what locum tenens could look like in your life? The best jobs are the ones that work just right for you. Our friends at locumstory.com have gathered the data for you to get a closer look at what your life could look like with locum tenens with this helpful tool.
  13. J

    MIT class project on new platform for Locum Tenens in EM

    Hey everyone, I am currently a PhD student at MIT. For a class project my team and I are looking into new platforms for connecting physicians who want to find Locum Tenens positions and hospitals. For this project we are asked to conduct some primary market research, so I am looking for...
  14. A

    Psychiatry Locum Tenens

    How much can you expect to get paid as a locus tenens psychiatrist if you're willing to travel anywhere in the country? Can anyone give me an average daily rate? Also, can you expect to be occupied every month with a locum tenens gig? Wondering if you can work it as a full time job in...
  15. D

    Psych Locums Conflicting Numbers

    When reading discussions on here it seems psych locums gigs pay maybe a little more than 100/hr. Of course location and other factors affect these numbers, but the impression I get is that if money were the only factor, one could reliably work year-round at around 150/hr. Then I see things like...
  16. A

    If you're willing to sell your soul for 3 years, what're the possibilities?

    Say you had three years to work your butt off as an internal medicine doctor. No kids, no family. Maybe one day off in a week, two max. You get 8 hours of sleep in the night, but work for the rest of the time you're up. So what's the best way to make the most amount of money in that say 15...
  17. Locumstory

    Free (Giving away) Family Med Physicians, join us at FMX for a Spa Night

    The research shows that family medicine is one of the top specialties for feeling of burnout. So we're treating you to a taste of your own medicine while at FMX 2016 in Orlando! Join us at the Hyatt Regency Spa on Wednesday, Sept. 21 for a mini spa treatment, food and drinks. RSVP here...
  18. CompHealth

    What is a Locum Tenen?

    "To hold place of" is the Latin meaning of locum tenens, which is exactly what locums physicians do-- hold the space of someone else during a temporary absence or time of turnover. Traveling physicians have been around since 1850, when physicians would travel across the North American frontier...
  19. CompHealth

    Career Paths after Residency

    As you prepare for your career as a full time physician, it can be daunting to determine what your next steps should be. With a large variety of options today, it really just depends on your interests. Here are just a few options for new physicians to consider: Work in a hospital Join a...
  20. M

    Interested in Locum Tenens?

    Hey everyone, If y'all have any questions about locum tenens or interested in starting or continuing locum tenens work, shoot me a message and I would be more than happy to help you.
  21. C

    Position Available Moonlight/Locum Nationwide Opportunity

    *Residents are welcome (weekends available). All specialties except Pathology are accepted* I’m currently looking for physicians interested in independently contracting for us performing, in-home, pre-scheduled history and physical evaluations of seniors insured under the Medicare Advantage...
  22. Chinkley

    Seeking physicians to perform H&P's

    I’m currently looking for physicians interested in independently contracting for us performing, in-home, pre-scheduled history and physical evaluations of seniors insured under the Medicare Advantage plans that we represent nationwide. When performing the evaluations you would be provided...