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    is a transition from retail to managed care possible?

    Hi all, I have been in retail for 5+ years now, but only been working as an RPh for about 6 months since i’m a new grad. However, i’m finding it very hard to adjust from being a tech to a being pharmacist and am already burned out. I’m looking to explore the managed care arena and if anyone...
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    managed care vs. am care

    Hello pharmacists! If anyone out there has experience in either of these fields (managed care vs. am care), please if you could shed some light on the job opportunities for each of these fields currently and in the future. I am currently a retail pharmacist who's looking into doing a...
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    Managed Care Interview Presentation

    I got an onsite interview from one of the residencies I applied to but they want me to give a 15 minute presentation on a managed care related topic. I have no idea what to pick. Any suggestions/experiences?