1. P

    Marian's Master's of Biomedical Sciences (2018-2019)

    I wanted to make this thread to give anyone thinking of coming to Marian's MBS program a chance to know the truth beforehand. Overall: Would I recommend the program to anyone? No. I attended Marian's BMS program, like many students in the class, to better prepare my application for medical...
  2. U

    Need guidance in deciding what to pursue after I graduate from college

    Hello all, I am a senior college student majoring in psychology and hope to graduate next semester with a B.A in psychology. It's been a professional goal of mine to become a licensed professional in providing counseling and helping others. I've long explored different paths to take...
  3. V

    To SMP or not to SMP? Which is the riskier path?

    I'm a non-Canadian international student looking to strengthen my science GPA before applying to US med schools. I plan to apply after completing a Master's program. I have 3.51 uGPA, 3.46 sGPA from a top ten university in the US (notorious for grade deflation), and 501 MCAT (retaking). I felt...
  4. L

    GPA 3.0, Post Bacc, SMP, or Masters?

    So here are my stats: -cGPA 3.0, sGPA <3.0. Bachelor's in biology, graduated in 2014 -2 years working as a physical therapy aide -2 years as a volunteer EMT -1 year working as a clinical assistant in a neurosurgical practice -have both OR and in-office shadowing experience, about 75 hours total...
  5. calvangri

    MCW Master's in Medical Physiology 2018-2019

    There seems to be nothing about this program on SDN. I would love to hear from others who are in the current class or have graduated from this program. Here is a link to their program: MCW: Master's in Medical Physiology | Physiology
  6. Leenjerjos

    TCMC MBS 2018-2019

    Hi all, I got accepted into the Scranton program a few weeks ago and wanted to start a thread for everyone else that got accepted or is waiting to hear back still. If alums or current students have any advice for the incoming class, please share!
  7. R

    Rocky Vista (RVU-COM) MSBS 2018 Applicants' Thread

    General thread for the Rocky Vista University Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences program. I'm a current MSBS student at RVU. I'm happy to say last year's tumultuous thread isn't relevant to potential applicants. I encourage applicants to ask questions and my classmates to share their...
  8. C

    Master and Post Bac?

    Hi SDN, I decided that I was going to take a gap year after graduating to do a post bacc and then apply for medical school because I want to increase my undergrad gpa. However, with this plan I will have a year gone to waste just applying. I was thinking that instead I could do a post bacc...
  9. P

    School Psychologist Ed.S

    Sorry that I'm starting another thread. I'm just trying to find my way. I am going to lay off the idea of doing an online degree. I'm better than that. I'm thinking of becoming a School Psychologist. I noticed the letters for that are Ed.S....meaning Educational Specialist. My state school has a...
  10. C

    Career-based Master's Programs

    Hi everyone! I'm thinking of applying to a Master's program (to bring up my GPA) before I apply to medical school. Can you think of any biology-based master's programs that are career-based? For example, there's MSc. in Genetic Counselling, which certifies one as a Genetic Counsellor. What are...