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  1. T

    DAT Breakdown 27AA/28TS/23PAT

    After a few days of post-exam mind-rotting and an extended celebration of the national holiday on April, 20th, I thought I might detail how I prepared myself for each section of the DAT and relay any words of strategy and advice for those who might need it. Scores PAT: 23 QR: 24 RC: 25 Bio: 28...
  2. K

    Feeling lost and anxious about studying for the DAT

    Hi, I'm feeling utterly lost and stressed over studying for the DAT and would like some advice on how to use the approximately 18 weeks (as of 9/3 when I posted this) I have before my exam to study. My exam is scheduled for Jan 9. Just to give some background, I'm currently in my 5th semester...
  3. MGA100

    My Dat Experience and Resources

    Hey there future dentists, I thought I would share my experience with regards to the dat that I recently took, as well as give some insight into how I prepared. I will do my best to be brief and concise. Firstly, my scores: PA: 20 QR: 23 RC: 24 Bio: 30 GC: 28 OC: 24 TS: 27 AA: 26 My...
  4. J

    DAT Study Materials

    These were the materials I used to study for the DAT. $200 for everything (Paypal), if you buy today I'll include my DAT Bootcamp subscription which expires Aug 3rd for free. I may also include access to my OneNote (all of my personal notes) for free if you're interested. Includes: CliffsNotes...
  5. A

    OAT Books For Sale! Pictures in Comments!

    Hey all! I am selling all of the material I used to do well on the OAT last summer. I have the following available: - Huge Kaplan Review Notes book- (light highlighting in first few bio chapters & some erased writing) - Kaplan Lesson Book- (minimal erased writing) - Kaplan Flashcards- (all...
  6. A

    OAT Material For Sale

    I am selling all of the materials I used to study for the OAT. All of these things together helped me to get a competitive score and get into one of the top optometry schools! The following is for sale: Huge Kaplan Review Notes book- (light highlighting in first few bio chapters & some erased...
  7. ChemistryDentist

    Changes to the DAT in 2019 and Some Other Questions

    Hi everyone! This is my first post to SDN, so hopefully I don't seem too over-ambitious or anything of the sort. I plan on taking the DAT in the Spring of 2019, but I would like to start reviewing this summer. I know people tend to promote a 3-4-6-8-whatever week studying plan, but I would...
  8. T

    2017 Vs 2018 DAT destroyer/Math Destroyer

    Hello, I have the option to buy the Combo for $75 for the 2017 version. The 2018 Version online is $200. Money is not a huge issue, but is their a large/worthwhile difference between the two. I plan to supplement these regardless with Bootcamp and other pivotal resources. Also if your name is...
  9. G

    FOR SALE: Destroyers, Kaplans, CliffsAP

    Hi everyone! Finally done studying and time to sell all my study materials. These were the best materials to ace the DAT. 2015 Math and DAT Destroyer 2015 Kaplan DAT with both practice tests unused 2009 Kaplan DAT 3rd Edition Cliffs AP Biology Insane amounts of Kaplan notecards for Biology...
  10. D

    MATH Destroyer vs. DAT BC QR (specific question type)

    Math Destroyer and DAT BC have similar QR question, but the answers that they have for this specific type of question always differs. Someone please tell me the correct approach, thank you! Ex: 30% pop. loves cheese, 70% (or like 50%) pop. loves yogurt, 11% loves cheese and yogurt, what...
  11. trypsinthecat

    Selling DAT Study Materials!

    I'm selling the 2014 DAT Destroyer, Math Destroyer, and Organic Chemistry Odyssey! I can also throw in a Kaplan book, Cliffs AP Bio 2nd edition and 3rd edition, my Feralis notes, and notes from Chad's videos. They are all in very good condition. Please email me at [email protected] for...
  12. trypsinthecat

    Selling PCAT Study Materials!

    I'm selling the Dr. Collins 2016-2017 study bundle, 3 full Pearson tests, 5 Cliffs PCAT tests, and my Kaplan 2016-2017 book! I used all of them to study and I got a 97 composite. They are all in very good condition. Please email me at [email protected] for details. Thank you!
  13. A

    OAT Books for Sale!

    I took my OAT this week and am now selling all my books/materials. The following is for sale: Huge Kaplan Review Notes book- (light highlighting in first few bio chapters & some erased writing) Kaplan Lesson Book- (minimal erased writing) Kaplan Flashcards Kaplan OAT Quicksheets Kaplan OAT Book...
  14. ClandestineDime

    Math Destroyer: Taking me too long

    I just took my first Math Destroyer practice test and got 15/40 problems correct. Of the 15 I got correct, a couple I guessed on. With that being said, I've been going through the ones I missed and guessed on so that I can understand how to do each problem. This has taken me forever and I still...
  15. jya5ab

    DAT QR section - I've never taken Statistics before...

    Hello! I'm taking my DAT on July 31, and I plan to study for 10-11 weeks. I am most worried about QR because 1) I haven't taken math since high school and I was never good at word problems, and 2) I've NEVER taken a probability/statistics course before, so I will have to learn that from...
  16. B

    2016 DAT Destroyer, Math Destroyer and Organic Chemistry Odyssey

    Hey guys! Just finished my DAT in February (27 AA) and am selling the following - all completely unmarked and in excellent condition: - 2016 DAT Destroyer - 2016 Math Destroyer - 2016 Organic Chemistry Odyssey Message me for images/details :)
  17. trypsinthecat

    For Sale Selling DAT Materials for Cheap!

    I'm selling the 2014 DAT Destroyer, Math Destroyer, and Organic Chemistry Odyssey! I can also throw in a Kaplan book and a Cliffs AP Bio 2nd edition and 3rd edition. They are all in very good condition. Please email me at [email protected] for details. Thanks!
  18. A

    DAT Prep Materials

    Selling my 2015 DAT and Math Destroyer. Both are in nearly perfect condition--no writing or highlighting. Asking $100 for both, I will pay for shipping! I also have Kaplan blue book available. PM me if interested.
  19. B

    For Sale DAT Destroyer and Math Destroyer 2015 combo

    Books are in good condition with some light markings in them. Already took the DAT and got into school, so I'm trying to get rid of them. $125
  20. bentley13

    3 Week Study Schedule (upon requests)

    A few people have requested to see my 3-week study schedule since I posted my breakdown https://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/dat-done-25aa-24-ts-25-pat-3-week-study-schedule.1237745/ . I scored a 25AA, 24TS, and 25PAT. I had 21 days of studying and 3 days of rest. Two of my rest days are not...
  21. C

    Selling DAT Destroyer and Math Destroyer Combo - For Sale

    Hey all, $130 - Selling 2016 DAT Destroyer and Math Destroyer. Books have not been written in. Some bent pages at the tips, but excellent overall condition. I'll pay shipping (US only). Message me if interested. Just got a 24+ score with these. Thanks
  22. S

    For Sale DAT Destroyer + MATH Destroyer

    Hello! Both items were purchased 2 months ago. MATH Destroyer is brand new (never used). DAT Destroyer is lightly used 1/3 of the way with no markings. Since they are so unused I am asking for $150 + shipping (if far). The books will go to the person who replies the fastest, so let me know if...
  23. A

    Selling DAT study materials

    Selling my DAT materials: -2015 DAT destroyer -2015 Math destroyer -2015 Kaplan blue book (with flash cards and cheat sheet) All are in great condition, no writing or highlighting! I will pay for shipping costs. Message me if interested!
  24. A

    DAT QR?

    Hello, I recently took the DAT and my QR section killed my whole AA, so I'm now determined to conquer the DAT when I retake. I have always sucked at math, it is one subject I will never enjoy.. Those who were in my shoes once (the ones that are not good at math) and have gotten a good score...
  25. D

    Looking for OAT DESTROYER 2016

    Looking to buy OAT Destroyer, Physics Destroyer (math destroyer as well, if available!) PM me!
  26. jya5ab

    Looking to BUY DAT materials!!! (DAT Destroyer & Math Destroyer)

    I'm looking to buy the DAT Destroyer & Math Destroyer (no writing or highlighting, please). I'd prefer either the 2015 or 2016 editions. PM me if you have them to sell. Thanks!
  27. briggsinator2

    Reschedule DAT? Need help asap!

    Just took the 2009 ADA DAT, and thought I absolutely KILLED it... Was very surprised by my scores (other than bio/PAT, that is): GC 21, OC 20, RC 21, QR 19, PAT 23, BIO 28 TS 22, AA 21.8 I thought the math on the 2009 ADA DAT was absolutely terrible... Thought I would get a 16 lol. Felt...
  28. J

    Math Destroyer question

    I just started the math destroyer practice test 1 in the 2016 edition. I do not understand the explanation for question 2. The mean=$320 the SD=$20 and we have to find the percentage of people who would pay $280 or less. How do we know that it is 3 SD's? and how can the percentage be determined?
  29. M

    HELP with Math Destroyer

    Hi everyone, I am using the DAT/MATH destroyer books and have a question. Does anybody else find some of the explanations in the MATH destroyer to not be very efficient? If anybody is using the 2016 edition please let me know. It does not seem that these explanations have nearly as many...
  30. A

    2015 DAT Destroyer, Math Destroyer, Kaplan Blue Book for sale

    Selling my 2015 DAT Destroyer, 2015 Math Destroyer and Kaplan Blue Book. $125 for both destroyers, $100 for blue book (comes with flashcards, DAT quicksheet, and laminated graph sheet with dry erase marker). All are in extremely good condition, no writing or highlighting. pm me if interested!
  31. moose786

    Best Math Destroyer Tests

    Hello all, So I'm updating my study routine and it looks as though I'm just barely going to be able to fit in all Math Destroyer Tests. However, on the chance that I am behind schedule, I wanted to know if there are 3-4 tests that I should skip and do last. I want to take the best/most...
  32. briggsinator2

    Crack the DAT for QR Math?

    Question: If I just use the tests in crack the dat for the mathematics section, go over the video explanations and make sure I understand them, should I be good for that section? I went over the DAT Destroyer math section (not MATH Destroyer), and thought that a lot of the questions were pretty...
  33. A

    Destroyer and average scores

    Hi Guys, So I've been preparing for the DATs using Ari's DAT Bootcamp guide, which if you aren't familiar, is a month of review using Chad's videos and AP Bio and the remaining 6 weeks will focus on practice tests and getting familiar with the actual test (using his software). I'm done with the...
  34. J


    Hey guys, I'm selling my Organic chem destroyer - Odyssey and the regular one from 2016 Message me.
  35. LRJRDH2012

    2016 real DAT AA 20 vs Bootcamp vs DAT Q-Vault vs Destroyer

    Took my DAT today (for the 3rd time) & just wanted to say a few things about what I found most helpful. (Previous scores are listed first/today's scores third.) Biology 18//18/19 General Chemistry 18/18/20 Organic Chemistry 17/18/19 PAT 19/20/18 Reading Comprehension 22/20/22 Quantitative...
  36. J

    General Chemistry Destroyer

    I just started to study for the DAT for the second time and an trying to find better study materials than what I had used last time around. I didn't use any of the destroyer products in the past and know I want to get DAT Destroyer and Math Destroyer. While looking at these I realized that there...
  37. J

    DAT Destroyer

    I Just started to study for the DAT for the second. I have heard great things about DAT Destroyer as well as Math Destroyer. I went onto the website to buy the two and saw they offer additional books, General Cem Destroyer and OChem Odyssey. Are these worth buying or is DAT and Math Destroyer...
  38. armadillo324

    For Sale $115 DAT Destroyer 2014 Version & MATH Destroyer 2013 Version

    Hi! I'm selling these two books together. The DAT Destroyer has writing in less than 10 pages total. The MATH Destroyer has writing in Tests 1-3, but the other Tests (the other 11) are not solved. Books are used but in good condition. $115, I'll cover shipping. If interested/have any...
  39. A

    1 month before my DAT

    Okay so I have a little less then a month until my test. This will be my first time taking it, and want it to be my last. Any tips? So far this is what I have planned... Reviewing all Chad's videos in hyper speed and redoing his quizzes for OC & GC. I've been on and off with Destroyer for OC...
  40. M

    2012 Dat Destroyer & Math Destroyer + Study Advice

    I have a 2012 DAT Destroyer & Math Destroyer that helped me get into dental school! The math destroyer is completely intact. The dat destroyer is missing a couple pages but still good. I will also answer any study questions or give you study tips that have helped me get into dental school...