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    Math on the DAT.

    is there seriously no material on the market that prepares you for math? i am having the biggest struggle trying to TEACH myself math. Yes i understand MATH destroyer and BOOTcamp are good reps of the test, but before attempting those problems i need to learn how to solve problems and learn the...
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    Confused about ratios: Math Destroyer Test 7 #11

    Hello, The question asks: ".. $1 is equal to 7 drachmas, and 5 drachmas is equal to 3 quilos. What is the ratio of dollars to quilos?" Is it the same as if they were asking how many quilos there are in one dollar? Answer: 21/5 1$ = 7D 5D = 3Q multiplying the second equation by 7/5 we get...
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    seriously all of my time has been put on the stupid QR section i cant take it. its disgusting i hate it soooooooo BAD words cannot explain. i find myself spending 4 hours to do ONE destroyer test. then i get to bootcamp and get 14-15 on this section. i don't know what else to do I'm literally...
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    Need help do I change my date? DAT STRESS ADVICE NEEDED

    I'm so stressed I'm not doing good at all I've gone thru destroyer Chem and gen chem one and a half times probably by Thursday I'll be done with 2 times. My destroyer BOOTCAMP individual subject tests have improved SIGNIFICANTLY like I was starting at a 15 I finally got an 18 on gem chem and 20...
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    DATdestroyer math question

    thers a problem about a lamp post and a man standing under it and it asks how much taller the lamp post is the lamp is like 14 ft and 6 inches and the guy is like 5 feet 9 inches.. instead of directly subtracting they convert 14 ft and 6 inches into 13 feet and 18 inches.. i have no idea...
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    math destroyer question

    how many diff ways can 2 girls and 3 boys sit in a row if the 2 girls always sit side by side. I'm trying to apply chads method but i can't tell how. clearly order matters and when order matters he just puts the number of selections on top and thats it because order matters... so it should be...
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    DAT Destroyer QR vs. Math destroyer opinions needed

    hey predenttts. I've been studying for my DAT and I recently transitioned from math destroyer to the QR section at the end of DAT destroyer and its like significantly easier.. and i like it lol. But i don't wanna get played so I want to know is the actual DAT like math destroyer or like the DAT...
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    QR Probability and stats

    anyone know an efficient way on knowing if something is gonna use the combination formula or the permutation.. not order matters or it doesn't cuz that don't work. something accurate like for example: how many ways can 8 horses Finnish a race in first second and third place. - permutation or...