1. mdfaithful

    Pre-requisite Coursework before matriculation

    Hi everyone! I was blessed to have one acceptance from that one interview that I have received in this cycle. I am extremely grateful and am living in absolute bliss. As much as I am enjoying this unbelievable event in my life, I have been making sure to see if I have anything I should complete...
  2. M


  3. nembry

    THOUGHTS? starting now and taking MCAT in August

    I've realized I really don't want to do a gap year. I will graduate May 2019 from UT Austin and my original plan is/was to take the MCAT that same May, apply in June then hopefully matriculate Fall 2020. I have taken every pre-med prereq except for Biochem and Physics 2 (i understand how...
  4. nembry

    some advice about when to take the MCAT?

    I am currently a Junior, but very behind on my pre-reqs but I hope to matriculate into Med School in Fall 2019. In order to do so, what is the LATEST date I can take my MCAT? I'm trying to decide if I should rush and finish the rest of the pre reqs and take the MCAT ASAP to try to matriculate...
  5. H

    Just got accepted into a school, but...

    ... but I was charged with a disorderly person's conduct, shoplifting. I know, I am so stupid. I feel awful. The case has yet to take place but I'm wondering what might happen, as I've just received notification that a background check will take place soon. This is a first offense, so when I...
  6. I

    MCAT 2016 Score Lifetime

    Hi You All wonderful people I am planning on taking the MCAT in 2016. I am currently a Sophomore in undergrad. I know most Med Schools will only allow scores <= 3 years old; will taking the test in 2016 allow me to take a gap year and matriculate in 2019 or do I need to matriculate in 2018...