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  1. M

    Tips for retaking/Should I retake the MCAT? 507, 3.91 GPA

    I can't decide if I should retake it or when would be the best time to retake it. I'm a Texas resident and am planning on mainly applying in state. I am confident that I could do better if I study more because I only studied for 1.5 months the first time around. I could retake it on July 21 and...
  2. M

    Should I reschedule the MCAT?

    I planed on studying during the semester but I underestimated my courseload. I have currently completed reading EK Chemistry book and should have physics completed by tomorrow. Would it be possible to be prepared for my January 19th test date? Otherwise I’m going to reschedule it to the end of...
  3. Purple_SEA11

    Studying Advice for MCAT

    I'm looking for some advice on the MCAT. I plan on taking it 2018 in March or April (this is not set in stone). I originally started to prepare for the MCAT in July but I wasn't seeing any progress in my FL scores ( I was getting 491~495 :( I know that's bad). I got discouraged so I took a...
  4. M

    6 month Study Plan MCAT

    Hi Everyone!! I'm looking for a 6 month MCAT study plan using TPR and AAMC materials mainly. I plan on taking the MCAT in May and I'm going to start studying in November, giving me six months. If anyone has a plan they would like to share I would really appreciate it. Any tips will help too...
  5. mcat prep

    MCAT Test Prep Week: Ask me anything about how to prep for the MCAT

    Hello students! Ask us anything! How do you even begin studying for the MCAT? Where can you find the best MCAT prep? What can you do to prepare for the CARS section? What are some test-taking strategies? Taking the MCAT is incredibly challenging and a bit daunting, but we are here to help! Ask...
  6. C

    When should I take my MCAT? should I postpone to January? September?

    I'm a rising senior at Rutgers University. I'm now signed up for the 8/24 MCAT. I'm taking a prep course with TPR, which will end in a couple of weeks. My ideal MCAT score is around 515 to compensate for my relative poor GPA(3.5 Science, 3.6 Overall). I started studying for my MCAT in the...
  7. Kpw101

    519 - My study schedule AMA

    Hi All, I've sent what I did to study to a couple people already including some of my friends. Rather than sending it as a private message one by one, I figured I'd just make it so anyone can look at it. Feel free to AMA, and best of luck to everyone! My actual was 519 (132,127,130,130) - I...
  8. M

    2015 MCAT Study Schedule + Materials

    To start off with a little background info: I took the old MCAT and still have my old materials, which are the EK set and some supplementary TPR books. I am currently waiting to get the new Princeton Review set but I'm looking to supplement with some other materials. Physical science, especially...
  9. BoysWhoCry

    How to take 2015 MCAT sophomore summer

    What is the best schedule in your opinion for getting all the new pre-reqs done for the 2015 MCAT (including biochem, psychology, and sociology) in your freshman and sophomore year? I want to MCAT study the whole summer after sophomore year and take the test sometime in late august/ early...
  10. PingPongMD


  11. M

    When to take MCAT?

    Hey everyone! I am currently a sophomore in a 7 year medical program. So I must take the MCAT before August 31st 2016 in order to apply to my program's med school and others. I am considering taking it in late May or June 2016 or wait and take it late July or early August 2016. However, during...
  12. J

    What study plan did you use for MCAT 2015? How did you do?

    Hi all, I have been sifting through the heaps of MCAT study plan threads here, but I haven't been able to find this info. If you have already taken the exam in 2015, can you tell me what study method you used (mcatjelly, SN2ed, your own plan, a prep course, ect.), how you did on the exam, and...
  13. B

    Yet Another Schedule (ideal if you are aiming for January and starting today)

    With so many people posting schedules, I figured it would be a good idea to post one while pointing out that if you are aiming for the MCAT this January, then it's time to dive in head first. This schedule is ideally for the people who have gotten our books recently (or have them on the way)...