1. X

    Which AAMC FL is hardest?

    I was wondering which AAMC FL (1/2/3) did you guys find the hardest? I was thinking of doing the hardest one the day before my actual test.
  2. Y

    help MCAT september 18

    I have been trying to study for the MCAT without any success, I'm trying to read the EK books and I just can't focus, I can't get through a chapter without paling asleep. Ive tried questions but I do horrible in them. I am freaking out and I am thinking I probably should get into a class or...
  3. D

    Is MCAT in Sept too late for 2019- Admissions ?

    hi Is taking MCAT exam in Sept 15 good option for admissions into 2019 year ? Here are the time lines, MCAT exam on Sep 15 Ontario Medical Schools - We have to submit application by october 1st week and MCAT score by October ending. If I take MCAT on Sep 15th , I will get the result on Oct...
  4. K

    Is July MCAT too late to be competitive?

    I will be applying this year and I still have to take the MCAT. I was gonna take it on June 29th but I’m scoring around 509 and I want to score at least around 515. So I’m thinking that maybe I should postpone it to July 7th or 20th. I’ll be submitting my application by early July just so it can...
  5. Zebro


    Hello, I have taken AAMC FL1- 126 122 127 127 - 502 AAMC Sample- 71% 79% 71% 81% AAMC FL2 125 124 128 125- 502 Supposed to be writing June 2... I am aiming for a 508+ I am devastated and have taken a CARS course too but it didn't help much apparently. Please help. Do I postpone?
  6. A

    Low CARS

    Hi Everyone, I just got my MCAT results back and got a 504 (127/122/127/128). I am very worried that my low CARS score will prevent me from even being accepted by DO schools. I want nothing more than anything to get into medical school! Could someone give me some insight. I even heard schools...
  7. P

    Is taking the MCAT mid june too late or leads to any consequences for TMDAS/Texas medical schools?

    I had originally planned to take my MCAT early May, however after taking practice exams I am averaging around 500 when my goal is a 515+. I did some research and found the median acceptance score for texas medical schools is 508 to 514 depending on the school. I have 300 or so clinical...
  8. K

    Physics : Force and Motion Questions - Please explain work

    I am having difficulty understanding the explanation of the answers in the EK book. Would someone be able to explain how they they worked out the answers to the following questions please ? Thanks !
  9. R


    Hi all, I started studying organic chemistry today using TBR and got 15 out of 25 questions wrong. Pretty bummed about it. Anywoo, While reviewing the exams I realized I wasn't reading some of the questions correctly or wasn't paying attention to resonance structure or just didn't know the stuff...
  10. A

    In need of help(MCAT Inquiry)

    Hey Fellow SDNers, I am in need of help, I am torn between choosing from Berkley Review Content books or Kaplan Review Books 2018-2019. The whole idea of having books(TBR) that are extremely more difficult I feel is very intriguing for me because it can prepare you for anything come test day...