md or do

  1. F

    Should I continue?

    Hi, I’m a non-traditional pre-med student, and I would like to know if it’s possible to have a chance to get into an MD or DO program with my academic record. I have 14 class withdrawals due to one of my parents being very sick and hospitalized during my sophomore year. Almost all of my...
  2. B

    Turning Down a US MD acceptance to go DO?

    How often does this happen? Does the DO/MD title really matter? Am I making a horrible mistake? I am currently in a position to do this. I am truly considering it, cause I really like my DO school and they already have my non-refundable $3000 dollar deposit of mine. Also, OMM sounds like a...
  3. FtrNoodleDoc

    MD & DO Semi-Nontraditional Student, Low GPA, Needing Advice

    Hello everyone, I'm hoping I can get some sound advice from current practitioners or medical students that have been in a similar position. I'm a communication major and am in the fifth year of my undergraduate degree. I decided late to pursue medicine and started taking the premed courses...
  4. Eleithyia

    WAMC: 515/3.8, maybe URM

    Hey all, Looking for help with my school list. I've done pretty well, but there have been some hiccups. Double major: Bio + humanities MCAT: 515 (126/131/128/130), sGPA: 3.8 cGPA: 3.8 Rural Ohio resident, possibly considered URM *I got one F in a non-science class I can't retake (not offered...
  5. N

    Re-Introduction and Network for Non-trad Thread

    Hey all, Been reading for awhile, but haven't been able to post anything because I couldn't get my phone to authorize and my computer required online authorization from my phone. Go figure. I'm going to be a non-traditional student in a few years (hopefully). I was a biology major, spanish...
  6. C

    4.0 gpa 504 mcat, nj resident. chances??

    Hi everyone! my stats: 4.0 gpa, 504 mcat (126/124/127/127) taken on June 2. I am a NJ resident. Very good LOR and good ECs. No preference for MD or DO and I am applying to both. These are the ones I have already applied to- do I have a shot at any of these?? Thank you!! MD: Jefferson Rutgers...
  7. I

    504 MCAT 3.81 cGPA 3.70 sGPA - M.D. / D.O. Applicant - What are my chances!?

    Hello there, I just received my scores for the June MCAT, and I would like to see whether my application is at all competitive or acceptance worth for the following Florida schools. (I am FL Resident) USF NOVA LECOM UCF UM UF FIU (Number 1 Choice) FAU FSU (Number 2 Choice) Honors Biomedical...
  8. D

    Medical School blog: Osteopathic route

    When I first began thinking about applying to medical school I did not think I was interested in going the osteopathic route at all. I was sent on becoming an MD. However, I decided to shadow a D.O. anyways and fell in love with the osteopathic mindset. I then applied to D.O. schools and am now...