medical masters

  1. Cyes1859doc

    SMP Application Timeline (EVMS Medical Masters/VCU CERT)

    Hello, I'm about to enter 2nd semester of Junior year and I'm wondering when is the best time to apply to SMPs if I want to matriculate in Aug. 2020? I'm currently interested in EVMS's Medical Masters Program and VCU's CERT.
  2. K


    Accepted to both, any recommendation on which program to attend? I live in Florida.
  3. alllpallll

    EVMS vs Liberty Med Master's

  4. M

    Barry Biomedical Sciences Program Admissions-Spring 2017

    I am currently in the 18th month track at Barry BMS. This is a post-baccalaureate program specifically to enhance your dental/medical school application. Barry’s demanding curriculum is parallel to the first year of medical/ dental school. I'm here to answer any questions you have about...
  5. mdtobe1111

    Which SMP is the best option for me? Georgetown or EVMS

    Been reading as many threads as possible about different SMPs and low-gpa threads and have decided on going to an SMP next year. SDN friends - need your help in assessing which SMP is best for me Some info about me: CA resident, graduated from undergrad about 3 years ago with a low ugrad/sgpa...