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  1. lialalala

    how do I tell if medical school is more research-focused or primary care-focused?

    At the moment, I am more interested in working in a hospital and interacting with patients than doing research. Is there a way I can tell whether the medical school is more focused on research or on primary care? On MSAR, if it says research is required for graduation, should I consider it as a...
  2. Y

    MD My premature school list. any thoughts?

    ORM from New York cGPA=3.70 from Stony Brook University (in my gap year currently) sGPA=3.68 from Stony Brook University 1st MCAT=503 (126,124,127,126) 2nd MCAT=522 (132,128,131,131) Clinical hours=400ish (just got a medical assistant job but couldn't add the planned 2500 hours on my AMCAS)...
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    Medical School List?

  6. H

    516 MCAT 4.0 GPA Need Advice on Schools!

    So I just got my scores for my MCAT and I got a 516 overall. Chem/Phys - 131 CARS - 127 Bio/Biochem - 132 Psych/Soc - 126 I know the score is a bit unbalanced with my not so great psych score, but do you think this should stop me from applying to at least a couple top tiers? I have a 4.o GPA...
  7. C

    MCAT 507 GPA 3.9 Non-trad

    Hello everyone! So I am applying this cycle and my stats are following: MCAT 507 (P/C 97%, CARS 37%, B/B 67%, P/S 86%). GPA(cumulative&science) 3.92.- Double Major in Biomed&Psych I am out of college for 1 year and have >1000 hours of direct paid+non-payed healthcare experience, volunteering...