1. C

    MD & DO REQUEST: List of Reduced Risk of Poor Outcome from Chronic Condition (Treated vs Untreated)

    May you share a list of chronic diseases and an estimated reduced risk of a poor outcome (heart attack, stroke, peripheral neuropathy, blindness, kidney failure, liver failure, death, etc.) from untreated to treated condition. I think an estimated number will give some patients an objective...
  2. Z

    Explaining a Lower Set of Grades

    This is weird, but I apply to medical school in about a year. I started medication for depression and anxiety one week before I started college. I was a 4.0 student in high school, but my medication has put me in kind of haze, and now I'm pretty average at a 3.45. I have ADD as well, but...
  3. P

    Reading to prepare for surgery internship

    Pretty confident about matching into surgery this round and would like to start reading things that will help me hit the ground running intern year....after the needed 1-2 months tune out period where the last thing I am going to do is think about medicine. Questions for those who went before...
  4. doc4kids93

    Very Low GPA. Should I try Post Bacc or no point?

    My GPA is a 2.5 and I'm a senior. I've had trouble focusing on school (finally diagnosed with ADHD 5 months ago and have been making all A's for the past two semester after diagnosis/medication). I am certain that I have the ability to do well in my classes if given the opportunity to redo, now...
  5. Heist

    Walgreens with no voicemail?

    I called florida pharmacy after hours. They didn’t have a voice mail so I could leave the information about my patient. The recording told me to call their 24 hours walgreens instead. Is this common? I have never seen this before.
  6. widmaerjm


  7. Octophetus

    Do you have these biases?

    There was a study where researchers showed video clips to a group of participants. One is a needle touching someone's skin. The other is an eraser touching someone's skin. When participants saw the white people receiving a painful stimuli, they responded much more dramatically than they did for...