1. L

    Giving up TX residency?

    I have the option to establish my official residency in a new state. I'm thinking about doing so because I don't plan on applying to Texas medical schools (a mix of personal preference and spousal duties). I want to end up in the Midwest for medical school and beyond, and I'm worried that the...
  2. PatNanym

    Is this a good job offer?

    I am looking at a prospective job in community HemOnc. Small town Midwest. Base of $495k guaranteed plus RVU-based incentive after 5050 RVUs at $99/RVU. Around 12-15 patients per day in clinic, 4.5 days a week. 1:3 call, call is one full week, am told call is light, mostly ~1-2 phone calls at...
  3. dillonkor

    Hospital asking me to sign an amendment based on 2022 CMS physician fee schedule...help?

    I need your collective wisdom about how to respond to my HOPD employer decreasing wRVU based on the proposed 2022 CMS physician fee schedule which was announced back in July. In short, midwest, HOPD of a large system, wRVU at 25 percentile with target wRVU of 8000 before generating bonus. Not...
  4. R

    School applications - Former SMP

    Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone had possible school recommendations. I am from the MW and got a 3.52 in the GT SMP. MCAT of 517. I actually was not a science major in my UG so I did some bare minimum post bacc classes at Loyola in Chicago before starting the SMP - looking back, I think...
  5. D

    ***The Official Indiana University Class of 2023 Interview/Acceptance Thread***

    Current IUSD D1 here! I saw that there wasn't a thread yet for this application cycle and I found it really helpful when I was applying last year. Let me know if you guys have any questions and good luck! Link to interview prep: Indiana University School of Dentistry Interview Feedback ----> Be...
  6. P

    Midwest Dental Schools?

    I was accepted through the Reserved Admissions Program to UMKC dental school. Recently though, I haven't heard the best reviews from students and faculty about the administration. I'm now panicking as I was stupid and haven't even considered other schools. I was wondering if anyone particularly...
  7. AnesthesiaLife

    Vegas? Florida? Cali? New Attending in 2018, 32/single, Where should I work?

    1. Major city/fun/younger crowd (But not too expensive cost of living) 2. Warm weather 3. Big hospital, private practice 4. Good incentives (Salary/lower income tax) to pay off loans 5. Collegiality/Comradery 6. Non partnership track
  8. D

    What do you think for chances?

    Age: 21 Overall gpa: 4.0 Science gpa: 4.0 Bio-chem-physics gpa: 4.0 Undergrad attended: A state University in the Midwest DAT score (worried about this!) 17 AA/ 16 BIO/ 16 GCHEM/ 17 Orgo/ 17 PAT/ 19 RC/ 19 QR Community Service: Volunteer for Hospice as a patient care volunteer to dying patients...
  9. N

    Rank Public Midwest Schools

    Hi everyone, just curious, but how would you rank the Midwest public schools? Also, what tiers would you divide them into (high, mid, low)? Midwest states are: North/South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio Thanks!
  10. Jyggaswoop

    ***The Official Indiana University Class of 2022 Interview/Acceptance Thread***

    Who? Hoosiers!! Didn't see this one yet. My application is submitted and received/reviewing. Residency: Indiana. Stats: 3.42 o, 3.49 s, 3.48 BCP, 21 AA 21 TS, 18 PAT. Attended Dental Day- Very helpful! Class of 2020 stats: APPLIED 1,403 Resident 191 Non-Residents 1,212 MATRICULATED 106...
  11. C

    Position Swap Pathology resident swap in Chicago for any specialty

    a PGY 1 position to swap. position is in pathology in chicago and open to any specialty to switch to.
  12. K

    University of Nebraska-Lincoln

    What is the reputation of UNL? If one is looking at eventually applying to top-tier med schools, would UNL be an acceptable option for undergrad? If you went to UNL for undergrad, what was your experience? Thanks for everyone's help.
  13. P

    4.0 GPA Average/Below Extracurriculars School List

    I read here all the time, first post though. Hoping for some advice on my school list. Major: Biology Wisconsin Resident GPA: 4.0 MCAT- Have not taken yet. Practice scores are consistently coming in between 514-516 with content review about 3/4 completed. Will take on July 8th or 9th. With...
  14. D

    Position Wanted PGY-1 or 2 Ob/Gyn looking to swap or open position

    Looking for anyone interested in swapping PGY-1 (soon to be PGY-2) position. I'm located in the Midwest. Interested in any/all locations. PM for more details.
  15. D

    Position Swap PGY-2 ObGyn Position, NYC, metro area, tri-state for Midwest in 2016

    Looking to swap PGY-2 position in midwest for PGY-2 position in NYC/outer boroughs preferably, or tri-state area. Position is for ObGyn for 2016. PM for details