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    Help! Any success stories from students who got into dental acceptance after attending Midwestern (AZ) University's 2-year MBS program?

    Hi everyone! So I am a pre-dental student, and my stats are ~2.89 GPA (surprisingly higher sGPAbut not any better) and an 18AA and 17TS DAT. I recently applied to several masters programs considering my stats are not competitive enough for dental school and managed to get into Midwestern's...
  2. L

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Midwestern AZ - Spring 2022 MOT

    Hello! This thread is for anyone applying to the Spring 2022 cohort. Would love to connect :)! OTCAS opens starting July 2021
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    I know this thread has been done before but I wanted to start another one up since the DO landscape seems to be rapidly changing year by year. I have been lucky enough to earn an acceptance from each branch of Midwestern and I wanted current and former students' takes on the pros and cons of...
  4. H

    Midwestern (AZCOPT) or Chicago (ICO)??

    Hi! I'm applying to both schools and I'm having trouble picking which school would be better for me. I thought I would go to ICO because a lot of the people I know went to or are going to ICO but when I visited Midwestern, I really liked their facility and the atmosphere there. ICO Adv: great...
  5. M

    Midwestern-Glendale, AZ PsyD

    After looking through nearly every mention of the Clinical Psychology PsyD program at Midwestern U in Arizona in the SDN, I have a question--is the program still poorly regarded? I've been accepted to the school and want to make sure I'm making an informed decision. Their cohort size is ~23...
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    General Admissions & OTCAS Midwestern AZ

    Has anyone heard back from Midwestern AZ about acceptances for fall 2018?
  7. A

    Midwestern University treats students like garbage

    I am a student at Midwestern University in Arizona. I need to warn everyone thinking about applying to Midwestern. My advice is to pick another school. Midwestern treats its students horribly. They do not allow students to use the bathroom during 2-3 hour long tests, which occur 2-3 times a week...
  8. S

    Rowan MBS program vs. Midwestern (Glendale) MABS program

    I've been accepted to both programs. Made a list of a few notable points for each, can't decide where to go. Rowan: Guaranteed interview with a 3.6 GPA NJ is close to fam Tuition is 30k Waiting to hear back on specific statistics regarding how many interviewed applicants from the MBS program...
  9. L

    room for rent near Midwestern University, Glendale Campus

    Hello, we are midwestern alumni and have a room for rent near Midwestern University, Glendale Campus. It is 6.5 miles from Midwestern. It is a very safe neighborhood with plenty of street parking. Frys, Lee Lees, Sprouts, and Arrowhead Mall are literally down the street!! Room is unfurnished...
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's Midwestern (AZ), Brenau, and Bay Path

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if any alumni or current/prospective students had any insight or opinions on Midwestern (AZ), Brenau University (Norcross), or Bay Path University. So far, I've heard back from one and am still waiting on the others. These are my top 3 right now and I just wanted to...
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    Midwestern/Roseman/ University of Wyoming ?

    Hi everyone, I have been accepted to these schools and would like some opinion on these 3 schools regarding student life, renting information, and internship placement. It would have to have second opinions for better decision. Thank everyone
  12. R

    Help! Touro California Vs Midwestern Glendale CPG

    Hi, I was hoping to get help in picking between both schools. I need to make my choice by Monday. All feedback would be thankful. Touro: 2+2 program 100 class size Dual degree MPH available in Calfornia Tuition is 44k but they recommend to take a loan of 80k a year. Touro is about 6 hours from...
  13. D

    MSMHS Touro California vs MABS Midwestern Arizona

    Hey guys, 1st time posting so hope I'm in the right section. I am currently deciding on a masters program to help me get into medical school (DO or MD). Do any of you know how Touro California's Masters of Science in Medical Health Science compares with Midwestern Glendale, Arizona's Masters...
  14. N

    I need help deciding what school

    hi, i was wondering if any of the dental students at these schools can answer any of the following questions.. thanks Schools : Roseman UT, UNE, MW Arizona, MW Illinois, MOSDOH, NYU There are somethings that I like and dislike about each school but there are somethings I need to figure out...