1. IndigoHimmy

    Moving to PEI?

    Hello! I’ve posted a couple times and had great responses so I thought I’d try again. I’m from Newfoundland, which is extremely competitive to get into vet school as there’s only 3 seats. I know Nova Scotia is also very competitive. I’m just wondering if anyone has had any luck moving to PEI...
  2. DiagnasaurusRex

    Transitioning from US to EU as and MD

    Hi all, First a a little about me. American citizen MD, graduated from UTMB Completed Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Residency Board certified in Internal Medicine 2 years in practice as a Hospitalist. Have Colorado and Texas medical license. Pretty good experience regarding critical care...
  3. 1

    Should I move my DAT test???

    I am scheduled to take the DAT June 2nd and have been study for about 2 months already but have scored roughly the same score on all three practice DAT tests I have taken (16/17/17) and realized that I had to reexamine my study strategy. I have about 20 days till the test and I am feeling...
  4. T

    Moving to Florida?

    I am originally from Tennessee and moved back after graduation last may. I graduated from a Florida school and am in a long term relationship with a woman living in Florida. I am in the planning stages of moving back within the next few months but that leaves me in somewhat of a confusing spot...