1. P

    Global Mental Health fellowship at UCSF

    UCSF Department of Psychiatry is offering a two year fellowship in Global Mental Health starting July 2016. Fellows will complete mentored rotations at Navajo Nation and Nepal while obtaining an MPH from UC Berkeley and receiving a longitudinal curriculum in GMH from UCSF faculty. You can read...
  2. redvelvet94

    MPH MPH Applications/Programs: Q/A with 1st-2nd year MPH students

    Hi everyone! I'm a first-year MPH Epidemiology (Infectious Disease Epidemiology certificate) student at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. I utilized this forum extensively last year for both emotional support and program questions, and it was an incredibly helpful resource...
  3. S

    The All-Encompassing, "What are my chances" thread!

    Hey everyone, I am an undergraduate student pursuing my degree in Health Management online through Northeastern University. I would like to one day get my MPH in Health Policy and Management, but since I'm taking my classes online I'm confused about what I'll do about my letters of...
  4. A

    MPH Dental Public Health

    Hi, I'm a dental student from India. I am interested in doing MPH from the States. From what I've read on the internet, MPH in International health is something that interests me,or should I go for Dental Public Health? I'm quite confused right now regarding the career opportunities. Can anyone...
  5. S


    Hi, guys. I've been searching the forums and haven't seen much about USF's Public Health program. I was wondering if anyone has any input on the quality of opportunities at USF. I'm considering applying since I am currently in the Tampa area. I won't be able to apply to schools outside of the...
  6. scribePT

    GWU MPH - anyone know anything about

    Hey all, I'm curious about the MPH programs at George Washington U. Does anyone have experience in applying to this school? Or are you currently attending an MPH program there? Which one? And what do you like about Washington, DC? My interests lie in their MPH/Peace Corps program, and I'm...
  7. Sushi5