Sep 22, 2015
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
Hi, guys. I've been searching the forums and haven't seen much about USF's Public Health program. I was wondering if anyone has any input on the quality of opportunities at USF. I'm considering applying since I am currently in the Tampa area. I won't be able to apply to schools outside of the Tampa area for a couple of years due to my husband working on his masters and a job offer he has here. I know that they are pretty well ranked, but am curious if it might be worth holding out to apply to bigger name schools. We plan to move to the Atlanta area in a few years, and I want to eventually be competitive for opportunities in infectious disease-and of course who wouldn't love to work for CDC?
They seem to have a pretty interesting program in Global Communicable Disease and a lot of research opportunity, but it also seems like students who attend schools like Emory have great opportunities to work at big agencies during school...helping get their feet in the door for jobs. I really haven't found much promising information on opportunity in the Tampa area. If anyone has any input on USF's programs and how their graduates do in the workforce, it would be much appreciated. Another factor I am considering is the fact that USF would be much more affordable, but I would be willing to spend more if the opportunity outweighs the cost.
As a side note, if I do want to hold out for other schools, I am considering getting a graduate certificate at USF while working and am wondering if this might be helpful in making me more competitive for other programs. I have my BS in Biology with a 3.85 GPA, leadership, volunteer and research experience. I've also been scoring above the 75th percentile on practice GREs, and plan to take the test next month. Due to a scholarship, doing the grad certificate would essentially be free, and could be completed in about one year. I am pretty new to the public health discussion, so any advice is seriously appreciated! And of course, I am not taking for granted that I would be admitted to any of these programs, just curious what the opportunities are like as I move forward. Just trying to decide if I should apply (only to USF) for the Fall, or wait it out before applying in a couple years. Thanks!
Jun 17, 2015
Does the MPH need to happen now, or can it wait a couple years? If you're planning on moving to Atlanta anyways, I feel like it makes sense to simply go to Emory when you move, as they are by far the best connected school of public health to the Atlanta area and its very close connections to the CDC will be especially helpful there given the CDC will be hiring graduates from top schools around the country.

Plus, with your GPA and 75th+ percentile GRE scores, you're very competitive for Emory, most schools of public health aren't that competitive and I would be very surprised if those scores are not above average at Emory as I know that even Hopkins has average GRE scores below the 75th percentile.

Sorry I don't have any info on USF specifically, that's just how I would think about the situation given your goal is to end up in Atlanta anyways.